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How to choose a Manual Chain Pulley Block?

When it comes to lifting heavy loads – subject expertise, knowledge, and experience are counted as the top three factors. Additionally, the lifting device has to be superb that stands on the requirements of the weight of the load. A simple or second-hand machine piece would never provide desired results, as while lifting the heavy loads, convenience is not only the key, but safety is also considered as a top priority. Therefore, a piece of equipment that is made on virtues all industrial lifting scale can be a perfect fit like Manual Chain Pulley block. It is a small piece of a machine technically developed for lifting heavy loads that is beyond the range of humans to lift, even a group of people can’t do this continuously. The chain pulley block fits everywhere when there is a need for the heavy material lifter, and it also ensures precise movement of the load. When entangled with a plain push-pull trolley or a geared trolley, they can easily move the material to the required place. You can find different models for the Chain Pulley Block based on application. So, choosing the right one can go difficult. In this article, you will find the right solution to ease your select confusion-

Selection Metrics for Manual Chain Pulley Block

  1. Picking the right capacity– You will find the different capacity of manual chain pulley blocks ranging between 0.5 Tonne and 50 Tonne. Chain blocks with over 50-tonne capacity can be made customarily based on the requirements of the company or individual. Since, you won’t find weighing every load before lifting, considering the maximum weight will help move the load safely. There is no rationale to purchase a 10 Tonne chain pulley block to lift a 2 Tonne load.
  2. Interchangeable Spare Parts– Purchase a chain pulley block that has standard & interchangeable parts. This helps you remain prepared for your chain block if they are worn or broken parts need to be replaced. Good-quality spares of Chain Pulley Block are almost available across the country.
  3. Spur gear and not worm gear mechanism– Selecting a hoist that has highly efficacious Spur Gear mechanism would always be an advantage. This way, lifting can be done more with less effort exerted. Both of our chain pulley blocks are having a superb triple spur gear mechanism.
  4. Alloy Steel Chain– Read the specifications of the chain blocks as they will ensure you that the frames and covers are made of sturdy metal. The hand chain must be galvanized, and the load chain material must be Alloy Steel – Grade 80.
  5. Length of Chain– The length of the hand chain drop must be two feet less than the lift. For example, a ten-foot lift chain block would have a hand chain of the length of eight feet. If you want the load chain to be of more length than what a standard lift has, then ensure the whole load chain has been replaced with a single chain piece and never consider using the welded load chain links.
  6. Trolley Mounted or Fixed Mounted– Once the capacity of your chain block has been decided, go for deciding where and how you would mount the chain block. Since this will let you know about the mounting styles if you want to shift the load from one place to another, select a trolley-mounted block. Get a hook mounted chain block if you know blocks will always occupy the same place.
  7. Type of Trolley– If your load to be moved manually after lifting is over 2 tonnes, prefer a geared trolley, and not push-pull type.
  8. Warranty/ Guarantee– Warranty or guarantee is essential things while purchasing chain blocks, and as such purchase only those pulley blocks that have not only matched the industrial quality standard but exceeded them.

There are metrics which can’t be avoided while selecting and using manual chain pulley block. The topmost concern remains about the quality of the product as it decided things further in the process. A high-quality manual chain pulley block will ensure long-lasting and safe operation. While operating such machine types, the operator has to be expert and alert as an accident can happen at any moment. But, if the block is quality following all quality standards remove the chances of an accident, and enhances the success of the operation.

LOADMATE is a trusted and preferred name for manual chain pulley block as we have been serving the industry with heavy load lifters for years, and today recognized for providing quality, durable and effective hoist,  manual chain pulley block and other material handling equipment.

We understand how difficult is handing 50 tonnes, without a proper carrier or hook, its risky to move the load from one place to another. This seems manually impossible, but with LOADMATE Chain blocks, these manual hoists can not only accomplish the job but also save efforts and time. This results in productivity, and thus you can move maximum loads on a daily basis.