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how to choose a electric chain hoist

Why To Choose a Electric Chain Hoist?

Below mentioned are the reasons to choose a electric chain hoist.

  • Original guide chain: The guide chain originally devised makes it possible that the load chain can freely lift and fall.
    1. Advanced suction rotary motor brake: Suction rotary motor brake made of non-asbestos can precisely and effectively make the hoist stop running, even when there is a lack of power. Generally speaking, only when alternating current/direct current brake is installed can the brake work with power off and the hoist work with power on, thus the load won’t fall due to the closed circuit of motor.
    2. High frequency motor with cooling fan: The high frequency motor with cooling fan increases short-time rating and repeated rating. Besides, class F insulation motor makes high frequency use possible.
    3. Low-noised transmission gear: The precise spiral gears made of intensive alloy steel are soaked in the oil so that the hoist will serve longer life noiselessly.
    4. Upper limit Switch: This kind of switch is preventive against over lifting. Once it happens, the switch can put a stop to the working hoist.
    5. Highly durable chain bag: Canvas chain bag is of notable durability.
    6. Intensive aluminum case: The original molded hoist case with light structure and notable appearance quite appeals to one’s attention.
    7. Hoist body being anti-dust and anti-water (Protection class is IP55).
    8. Special Over rolling Protection device: The newly designed device with the characteristic of friction clutch soaked in the oil prevents the hoist extremely rolling up or being overloaded.
    9. Convenient examination and maintenance: The control case cover fixed and hinge is convenient for spot examination or maintenance. All the electric switch groups are installed on the same board.
    10. Emergency stop button: Users can shut off power supply by operating the emergency stop button in the case of emergency.
    11. Durable buttons: The buttons are convenient to operate; they are designed for low voltage control to ensure security. The protection class is IP65.
    12. Bottom hook: It is hot forging with perfect strength that is hard to break. The operation safety of the lower hook is ensured by its 360 degrees rotation and safety tongue piece.


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