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  • underslung crane

    Underslung – Double Girder Crane

    If you require an underslung crane system for an application where the available headroom is limited, then LOADMATE Underslung Crane – Double Girder model could be the ideal solution. It is a hybrid variant of conventional Double Girder Crane and a single girder underslung crane. This model is highly appreciated for optimum lifting capacity and […]

  • underslung crane

    Underslung Crane – Single Girder

    Sometimes building conditions are not suitable for normal travelling EOT Crane installation. Such complex building often require a special crane in conditions mentioned below One or both side columns cannot accommodate support brackets for gantry girders. Side Columns are not parallel, and hence the same span cannot be maintained throughout the bay The available width […]

  • Pillar Mounted Jib Crane

    Pillar Mounted Jib Cranes

    Pillar Mounted Jib Cranes are necessary when no other appropriate support near a workstation is available. Pillar Mounted Jib Cranes, also commonly referred to as Column mounted Jib Cranes, assists the staff and multiply human efforts, handling loads up to 10 Ton precisely and effortlessly. These Jib Cranes are useful, especially for loading or unloading […]

  • Wall Mounted Jib Crane

    Wall Mounted Jib Cranes

    LOADMATE Wall Mounted Jib Cranes require no floor space or foundations. These are best suitable when the Jib movement is required near to any existing Civil Column or Rolled Steel joist. The client is required to make sure the strength of the column based on the load details provided by LOADMATE. Wall Mounted JIB Cranes […]

  • semi goliath crane

    Semi Goliath Crane

    A Semi Goliath Crane is a hybrid design with a combination of EOT Crane and Goliath Crane. One side it is Goliath Crane where the end carriage travels on a rail track mounted on the ground (or at a lower elevation) and another side it is EOT Crane where the end carriage will travel on […]

  • low headroom electric chain hoist

    Electric Chain Hoist – Ultralow headroom Series

    LOADMATE offers a wide range of ultralow headroom electric chain hoist that is designed for those applications where headroom is limited. As a result of extensive engineering and designing, these hoists provide smooth, safe, and maintenance-free operation in a variety of applications. These hoists are readily available for up to 20 ton capacity with either […]

  • electric wire rope hoist

    Electric Wire Rope Hoist – SH Series

    Owing to our contemporary manufacturing facilities, we can offer a broad array of Heavy Duty Electric Wire Rope Hoist.┬áHere are some benefits of using our Electric Wire Rope Hoists: They are designed for start/stop duties, and hence usability convenience is there They are ideal for heavy-duty applications They are suitable for industrial use as they […]