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Is a Manual Hoist a better choice than an Electric Hoist?

Workers in different industries find the need for lifting heavy loads. However, as it is a challenging task, they simplify the process by choosing the systems like manual chain blocks (manual hoist) or an electric hoists. There is no significant difference in the purpose of these systems. However, potential users have lots of queries on […]
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How to choose a Manual Chain Pulley Block?

Manual Chain Pulley block is a small piece of a machine engineered to lift heavy loads that you and all your friends put together can handle. They can be used wherever there is a need for heavy material lifting and moving it to another place precisely. When coupled with a geared trolley or plain push-pull […]
chain pulley block

Invention & Evolution Of Chain Pulley Blocks

The invention of chain pulley block dates back to ancient times of Archimedes, a mathematician and an inventor. With the invention of the pulley system, the lifting of materials became easier because pulleys make our centre of gravity on the object change. As the technologies in the world evolved, there were frequent instances of moving […]