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How to choose a Manual Chain Pulley Block?

Manual Chain Pulley block is a small piece of a machine engineered to lift heavy loads that you and all your friends put together can handle. They can be used wherever there is a need for heavy material lifting and moving it to another place precisely. When coupled with a geared trolley or plain push-pull […]

The Journey : Manual Chain Blocks To Electric Chain Hoist

The invention of manual chain blocks dates back to the early 3rd century BC and is credited to Archimedes, a Greek inventor. He invented a pulley design to haul ships out of the sea. This was done using a special hook and tackle system. Such early inventions of pulleys system led to the development of […]
low headroom chain hoist

Low Headroom Electric Chain Hoist

There has been an instance where our clients faced difficulty with normal chain hoist because of low headroom available above the machinery to be lifted. Keeping this in mind our design department has launched the hoist that requires ultra-low headroom. LOADMATE Super low headroom hoist is designed for very limited headroom applications, where a normal […]