Types of Goliath Cranes

Electric Chain Hoist

Goliath Crane also referred as Gantry Crane is an extended design of EOT Crane where the Crane move on rails mounted on floor level instead of rails placed at an elevated level with the help of its own legs (supports). This eliminates the need for the building structure and hence the capital cost reduces. As no building structure is required for it, Goliath Crane is majorly used in outdoor applications. 


A Semi Goliath Crane is a hybrid design with a combination of EOT Crane and Goliath Crane. One side it is Goliath Crane where the end carriage travels on a rail track mounted on the ground (or at a lower elevation) and another side it is EOT Crane where the end carriage will travel on regular gantry rail mounted on brackets (or at any other higher elevation).