Product Description

Goliath Crane also referred as Gantry Crane is an extended design of EOT Crane where the Crane move on rails mounted on floor level instead of rails placed at an elevated level with the help of its own legs (supports). This eliminates the need for the building structure and hence the capital cost reduces. As it does not require any building structure, Goliath Crane are majorly used in outdoor applications. However, these can also be installed inside a closed building.

LOADMATE is one of the pioneering manufacturers of Gantry Cranes in India. The company has earned a reputation for manufacturing high-quality Overhead Cranes and Hoists useful for clients from different sectors. With technological innovations and reliable solutions, LOADMATE has become one of the best crane manufacturers in India.

Gantry cranes are available in a variety of designs and models, including Rubber Tired Gantry, Semi Gantry Cranes, and Full Gantry Cranes. These cranes can be integrated with vacuum beams, grapple attachments or special hooks.

You can operate your Gantry cranes from the ground with the cable-connected pendant, or with a radio remote control. You will also find multiple controls by transferring to a different model. Moreover, you can operate the crane in a fully automated, semi-automated, and manual mode. There are also loading trolleys integrated with cranes, and these trolleys have a primary lift function. LOADMATE, as one of the Goliath Crane manufacturers, supply cranes for different applications, marble industry, pipe industry, and several other sectors. With heavy-duty structural buildups, these cranes can also manage intermodal containers and other types of loads.

Salient features of LOADMATE Gantry Crane

We have wrapped up the major features that have distinguished LOADMATE Gantry cranes-

  • Easily installable- Ensures a low dead weight and a high rigidity.
  • Compact sizes with low weight- Easily operable and maintainable.
  • Sustainable and safe manufacturing process.
  • Reliable hoisting
  • Higher efficiency that ensures a power-saving solution.
  • Modular design that covers a wide range of operations-The systems include a fuseless circuitry.

Technical Parameters

Single Girder Gantry Crane Double Girder Gantry Crane
Max. load capacity [t] 30 250
Span dimension [Mtr] up to 30 up to 50
Height [Mtr] up to 20 up to 30
Hoisting   [MPM] up to 8 up to 10
Cross Travel  [MPM] up to 30 up to 40
Long Travels [MPM] up to 30 up to 40
Stepless motions possible in all 3 axes possible in all 3 axes

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