Product Description

LOADMATE is a leading manufacturer and exporter of Manual Chain Pulley Blocks that are designed perfectly to meet the modern material‐handling requirements. With capacities ranging from 0.5 Ton to 50 Ton, the Portable Series shines in a wide range of lifting applications. Heavier capacities can be made available on request. The maximum height of the lift that can be readily supplied is 200 mtr.  Portable Series Chain Pulley Blocks are light in weight, easy to handle, high in safety, toughness, sturdiness, durability, and reliability. Portable series has been designed to meet various modern industrial usage needs, and pulling effort requirement is relatively lower than the competition.

Design of our portable series chain pulley block conform to IS 3832 with compliance to all the technical and safety parameters which guide the same. High-quality components are used to manufacture these chain pulley blocks, which increases their credibility, durability, and safety. Portable Series Chain Pulley Blocks incorporates state-of-the-art design and technology to provide superior performance.  It is rightly said for this portable series that ‘Do not judge the lifting power of a chain block by its size’ as lighter and very compact, this chain block spares nothing when it comes to lifting power.

LOADMATE’s exclusive process technology and 30 years of experience assure superior quality and performance. With its impressive array of features and benefits, we are confident the Portable Series will meet your most demanding needs. These Chain Blocks find a variety of applications in factories, construction sites, warehouses, agriculture mines, docks, and other fields, to lift goods and lifting equipment, in conditions with no power supply.

It can be surely summarized that the portable series is best in evolved Design, Highly Efficiency, and Most Reliable. A high-strength load chain and a dry-type braking mechanism combine with a highly-efficient compact design to provide smooth and reliable operation and outstanding performance.



  • Safety hooks fitted at top and bottom are made of “Forged Carbon Steel” to resist fracture under excessive load.
  • As per IS: 3832, Load chain made of Alloy Steel Grade 80 is used in portable series Chain Pulley Blocks.
  • Safety is doubled with two Pawls provided with the ratchet disc and disc brake for appropriate locking mechanism and safety.
  • All the load-bearing parts are heat-treated to ensure safety and long life.
  • Dust and Corrosion damage protection is ensured by using properly sealed gears and brake.
  • Load Sheave is machined precisely and mounted on ball bearing to ensure the proper working of the block.
  • Smooth passage of load chain with machined guide rollers ensures optimum efficiency of the Chain Pulley Block.
  • All our Chain Blocks are tested at 150% of the rated capacity before dispatching.
  • Load Chain Safety factor is six times of the rated capacity which complies with the IS Standards.


  1. Safe Hooks: Top & Bottom hooks are heat-treated to withstand the rigours of the toughest jobs and make your work easier. Larger bottom hook enables a load to be quickly stabilized in the proper position. Damage to Chain pin and nut is protected by bottom yoke’s protecting guard
  2. Gear Case and Hand Wheel Cover: Thick steel gear case and reinforced wheel cover protects the manual hoist from both the sides. As a result of state-of-the-art design & technology, the critical components maintain bearing alignment and offers rigidity to withstand external shock.
  3. Highly Accurate and Durable Gears: 30 Years of research and development have enabled LOADMATE to produce compact, highly efficient, and durable gears.
  4. Double Pawl Spring Mechanism: The Portable Series insists on double pawl & springs to deliver an extra degree of safety in case one spring is damaged.
  5. Sure and Reliable Mechanical Brake: LOADMATE’s dry-type asbestos-free mechanical brake ensures outstanding stopping power and safety even for continuous operation.
  6. Bearing Mechanism: LOADMATE’s unique ball and needle bearings optimize mechanical efficiency and convert minimum manual input to maximum possible output power. Friction is also reduced with these bearings, resulting in the lowest wear and tear.
  7. Load Chain Guide Mechanism: Smooth load chain movement is facilitated by having a chain guide mechanism to enable the load chain to navigate smoothly between the flanged load sheave and guide roller.
  8. Double Enclosures Protection: The braking mechanism, comprising the heart of the hoist, is securely enclosed within the wheel and brake covers. Internal mechanisms are safeguarded from intrusion by weather elements, mud, and dust by this double coverage.
  9. Excessive Lowering prevention by Stopper: LOADMATE’s carefully engineered stopper assembly prevents a load from being lowered too far and also prevents the chain from exiting the load sheave. With the increased pulling force, the operator comes to know that the load has been lowered to the maximum possible limit.
  10. Highly Strong Load Chain: Load chains being the heart component of the manual chain hoist, is made of an exclusively developed, heat-treated special steel alloy. It inherits the excellent toughness quality with resistance to wear and corrosion

Technical Parameters

Capacity (S.W.L) MT   0.5  1 3S 3D 5 7.5 10 15 20 25 30 40 50
Standard Lift Mtr 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3
Maximum Lift Mtr 300 300 250 250 200 200 150 150 100 100 75 75 50 50
Load Chain Falls - 1 1 1 1 2 2 3 4 6 8 10 12 16 20
Load Chain Dia mm 6 7.1 8 10 8 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10 10
Running pull on Hand Chain N 324 395 380 420 402 430 435 438 447 438 442 445 445 450
Test Load MT 0.75 1.5 3 4.5 4.5 7.5 11.25 15 22.5 30 37.5 45 60 75
Weight at 3 Mtr. Lift kgs. 10 15 16 28 22 42 56 68 125 160 225 300 495 750
Extra Weight per meter kgs. 1.8 2 2.7 3 3.2 5.3 7.9 10 15 20 25 30 40 50

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