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chain pulley block

Invention & Evolution Of Chain Pulley Blocks

The invention of chain pulley block dates back to ancient times of Archimedes, a mathematician and an inventor. With the invention of pulley system, lifting of materials became easier because pulleys make our center of gravity on the object change. As the technologies in the world evolved, there were frequent instances of moving or lifting heavy objects to different place/heights. There was a need of some system to further reduce the load and hold the weight at certain points. This need led to the invention of chain pulley blocks that are made of combination of pulleys and gear boxes. This combo helps a human being to lift thousands of kilograms easily. This invention reduced the labor issues prevailing around the world and opened a new world of opportunities for material handling industry. Today Chain pulley blocks are available in different shapes depending on the factors like Capacity, portability, durability, cost etc.  

Some of the salient features of Chain Pulley Blocks are as follows.

  • Hooks
    • : Designed on heavy steel forgings to withstand shocks due to load rotation and to enable it to swivel freely.
  • Body Frame
: Fully composed out of steel.
  • Load Chain
: Grade 80 High quality alloy steel with 400% safety factor and surface Blackened. Elongation : 10 to 14%. Hardness : 38-42 Hrc
  • Hand Chain
: Grade 30 steel galvanised for rust proof life.
  • Load Wheel & Gears
: Casted out of Heavy duty alloy steel and hardened for longer life.
  • Brake
: It has two automotive positive load-brake which is of a self-sustained disc type.
  • Acid Test
: Safety being of prime importance, each Pulley block is tested up to 50% over and above the safe working load.
  • Self-Sustaining
: LOADMATE has made the probability of a backlash non-existent enabling the load to remain suspended in times of accurate setting.
  • Easy Lowering
: This is delightfully smooth and easy. And owing to the absence of ratchet gear, is quite silent too. Its perfect smoothness is a great factor in preserving the life of the chains.
  • Safety
: At LOADMATE, this is our prime consideration always. Every LOADMATE Chain Pulley Block is tested by dead weight to 50% over the working load. Thus a 1 ton block is safe for a working load of 1 ton and tested to 1.5 ton for certificate purpose. Today there are many advanced versions of manual chain blocks are available like Electric Chain Hoist – EURO, Low headroom Chain hoist, Electric Wire Rope Hoist and the best is EOT Crane. Which model to choose depends on your requirement. Along with the increased technology, required safety measures has also increased


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