Product Description

LOADMATE Wall Mounted Jib Cranes require no floor space or foundations. These are best suitable when the Jib movement is required near to any existing Civil Column or Rolled Steel joist. The client is required to make sure the strength of the column based on the load details provided by LOADMATE.

Wall Mounted JIB Cranes comes in 3 different variants based on the support to the Jib arm.

  1. Bottom Strutted Cantilever Type
    • Our Wall-Mounted Cantilever Series cranes offer the highest amount of clearance, both under and above the boom
    • In the case of the top height restriction, this design provides the maximum hook path
  1. Top Strutted Tie-Rod Supported Type
    • This design is most economical as the structure becomes lighter due to support at the other end of the JIB arm.
    • It has no support structure under the boom so that the trolley hoists can travel virtually the full length of the boom
  1. No Strutted Support Type
    • This design has only the jib arm and has no additional support, i.e., neither on the bottom side nor on the top side.
    • This design is applicable only for low capacities and low arm length.

General Overview of Wall Mounted Jib Crane

  • Crane Rotation: 180° (More rotations options available up to 270°)
  • Spans: up to 6 Mtr standard (longer spans available)
  • Capacities: up to 5 tons (higher capacity available)
  • Powered Slew Rotation is also an option

You can read more about the set way of selecting a JIB Crane for your application on our blog page 'HOW TO CHOOSE THE RIGHT JIB CRANE FOR YOUR APPLICATION.' 

Technical Parameters

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