Product Description

Sometimes building conditions are not suitable for normal travelling EOT Crane installation. Such complex building often require a special crane in conditions mentioned below

  • One or both side columns cannot accommodate support brackets for gantry girders.
  • Side Columns are not parallel, and hence the same span cannot be maintained throughout the bay
  • The available width of the building is much more than the required crane span.
  • Multiple cranes with independent movement are required in the same bay
  • Maximum side approach towards the sidewall is required


LOADMATE underslung crane is the perfect solution and is very appropriate for light material handling needs and conditions where the headroom is limited, or the process requirements cannot allow any other way of supporting the crane except from the top beam or roof trusses.

These cranes are hung under the runway beams. Hence they are called underhung cranes or underslung cranes. These cranes are also known as Transfer Cranes, as they can transfer loads from one bay to another directly from the crane to crane.

Simply attached to the existing roof structure, this distinctive design of cranes eliminates the need for side brackets or side gantry girders. To install underslung cranes, the roof structure must be able to withstand the load imposed by the underslung cranes itself and the hanging load. So, before you finalize the single girder underslung cranes, you need to consult with our sales engineers to make sure that every detail is considered to avoid any inconvenience.



  • CT approach is reduced with a small yet durable cross travel trolley
  • Increased CT approach by overhung extensions of the main girder as cantilever
  • Reduced end carriage length helps in optimizing the LT approach
  • The crane headroom can be further reduced by inserting the main girder between the end carriages.

Underslung Overhead cranes are typically available in standard capacities up to 10 tons (higher capacity up to 25 tons and span up to 90 ft can also be manufactured as per client requirements). LOADMATE cranes are inspected in terms of quality to dispatch a defect-free product within a committed time frame.



  • 30 years of design experience amalgamated with consistent quality and stringent quality checks yields an excellent crane
  • End truck of optimized structural design with welded box girders for optimum load distribution results in a maintenance-free crane
  • Highly durable & sturdy design offers superior functionality, high load-bearing capacity with long service life



  • Double Girder Design for higher capacities and reduction of crane headroom
  • Manual HOT, Semi EOT or Full EOT construction depending on the application
  • Variable lifting & Travelling Speeds as desired with pole-changing motors or frequency inverter. Precise control of lifting and travelling motion can be achieved by fitting Variable Frequency Drive.
  • Control can be either through an independent push button station for bulky jobs or Radio Remote Control for wireless control.
  • We offer Single Girder Underslung Cranes with Manual Chain Pulley Blocks, Electric Chain Hoist & Electric Wire Rope Hoist.


  • Crane Capacity: Mostly lightweight cranes and typically available in standard capacities up to 10 tons
  • Hook Height - Due to the location of the runway beams on the upper side, the distance between the bottom of the hook and the ground level is reduced.
  • Load on Roof - The load being applied to the roof is higher than that of a top running crane
  • Extra caution for runway beam – As the wheel load is exerted on the lower flange of the runway beam. It requires careful sizing; otherwise, the flanges of the beam can peel off or bend downwards.

Technical Parameters

Capacity (SWL)  MT  1 2 3 5 7.5 10
Model SGUS SGUS 0102 SGUS 0204 SGUS 0304 SGUS 0504 SGUS 7.504 SGUS 1004
Maximum Span Mtr 25 25 20 20 20 15
Maximum Lift Mtr 30 30 30 25 25 25
Max. HT Speed mpm 10 8 8 8 8 5
Max. CT Speed mpm 20 20 20 20 20 20
Max. LT Speed mpm 25 25 25 25 20 20
Test Load MT 1.25 2.5 3.75 6.25 9.38 12.5

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