Product Description

LOADMATE Electric Wire Rope Hoist is the core element of our crane systems. We manufacture several models of Electric Wire Rope Hoist. STD Series hoist is most prevalent in all models. These are hugely demanded in the machine shop, engineering industry, and foundry and can be customized as per the requirement of clients.


Widest Range

Our customers can choose from a wide range of models depending on application and requirements - starting with the standard single girder electric wire rope hoist in the lower SWL range (0.5t to 30t) up to exclusive crab unit designs incorporating additional features at the higher SWL range (1t to 200t). However, all wire rope hoists have these characteristics in common: highest levels of uptime availability and safety within materials handling operations.


Most Reliable Wire Rope Hoist

LOADMATE Electric Wire Rope Hoists are designed for reliability, performance, and a high degree of operating safety. STD Series wire rope hoists are manufactured with cutting edge technologies to provide exceptional performance, easy load handling, and superior safety. The modular design of the wire rope hoist facilitates simple & quick maintenance and repair of individual components, thereby minimizing downtime. Being a crane and Hoist manufacturer, we continuously focus on innovation to provide the perfect solution to our clients.

To guarantee the quality of our hoist, each unit is thoroughly inspected and tested to avoid any damages during the working. We consider it our responsibility to ensure the safety of our equipment as same as your operator.


Why is LOADMATE rope hoist best?

  • The STD series wire rope hoist is the most widely-used LOADMATE product. Anywhere people want to lift up to 30 tons, you can often find an STD hoist doing the job. 
  • The reliability and versatility of the STD Series rope hoist have made LOADMATE the largest supplier of wire rope hoists in India.
  • Corrosion-resistant, highly efficient, sturdy, and easy to operated hoist makes it durable.
  • Hoists Rope guide is made in two parts from SGI.
  • Grounded gears made from case hardened alloy steel in totally enclosed oil lubrication yields long life, less noise, and high efficiency.
  • Hoisting drum directly mounted to gearbox eliminating coupling, intermediate axle, and bearing. A minimum number of parts gives minimum maintenance. 
  • True vertical lift for all of our four fall hoists


  • Extra Heavy Duty Models: Class III and Class IV hoists available on demand
  • Different Mounting types: Foot Mounted, Push-Pull Trolley, Geared Trolley, Double Girder Trolley,  
  • Enhanced safety: Gravity type limit switch and rotary geared limit switch
  • Special Trolley: We can also provide extra special attachments on request like the flexible trolley to negotiate curved tracks, brake on Cross-travel motors.
  • Use of german brake motor, which gives long life multi-speed is used for the braking purpose.
  • Enhanced protection: Dual protection for cross travel limit
  • Low headroom with shorter self height
  • The dual-speed with frequency inverter on request allowing frequency range from 10% minimum to 100%
  • Optional drum brake for increased failure protection 
  • Wireless Radio Remote
  • Explosion Proof: Flameproof/ Explosion-proof hoist are manufactured by us in accordance with lS standards. 


Component Description
DESIGN STD Series hoists are designed for all classes of application as per IS-3938. Standard Design is for Class II.
MODULAR CONSTRUCTION The hoist is assembled from different independent units viz. Hoisting Gear Box, Hoisting Motor with brake, Rope Drum, Electric Control Panel, and Travelling Trolley. All these units are separately accessible and promptly disassembled to simplify repairs, reduce maintenance costs and downtime.
MAINFRAME M.S. Plates are fastened with high tensile studs to withstand the load of the different independent units attached to it
TROLLEY Push-Pull, Hand Geared, or motorized trolleys of adjustable type and fitted with ball bearing are made to suit the recommended size of beams. It consists of M.S. Plates forming side frame assembled with Runner-Wheels. Runner Wheels are mounted on Double sealed Ball Bearings. The trolley is adjustable for various I Beam sizes
ROPE DRUM Grooved Drum, MS Seamless Pipe of adequate length to be wounded in one/two-layer, and to provide proper support for the rope to minimize abrasive wear is provided. Drum Shaft resolves on self-aligned roller Bearings for ensuring smooth running
WIRE ROPE Hoisting rope complies with the Indian standards IS:2266. The factor of safety, on the nominal breaking strength of the rope, is six
ROPE GUIDE The rope guide is made of special casting in two halves & is specially designed & accurately machined to suit the grooves of the rope drum & prevent the rope from overriding, uncoiling or loosening even when the hoist is in an unloaded condition
MOTOR The motor is of Squirrel Cage, 40% CDF rating in class B insulation as per IS-325-1970; the unit is an IP 54 dust and damp proof enclosure, flange-mounted to the mainframe of the hoist
BRAKE Electromagnetic Fail-safe type brake mounted externally on the rear end of the Hoisting Motor, ensuring easy accessibility
GEARBOX Hoist Gear Box has specially treated gears for high wear resistance. Each Geared Shaft assembly is supported on bailor roller bearings, to ensure smooth, low-friction operation, the gear trains are grease lubricated. Also, oil-immersed Gear Box can be provided on request
BEARING Deep groove ball bearing of reputed make as used all rotating parts & are grease packed Heavy duty bearings selected, so that rated life of the bearing is more than 9000 hrs
LIMIT SWITCH Snap action type limit Switch is provided as built-in features preventing accidental over-hoisting and over lowering of the hook block actuated by rope guide. The trip positions are adjustable to allow the correct setting for installation. Cross Travel limit switches also can be provided as an optional feature
ELECTRIC CONTROL PANEL Controls are mechanically and electrically interlocked to prevent inadvertent operation of opposite motions and are all housed in an IP 54 dust and damp proof enclosure. A low voltage control system of 110 Volts minimizes electrical hazards for the operator
HOOK BLOCK The Hook Block is tested to 150% of the full load before assembly. The rope sheaves are fully guarded with protective steel castings. All sheaves rotate on Ball Bearings made of forged steel as per lS: 3815, supported on the thrust bearing
GUARANTEE A Guarantee is provided for the repair and replacement, which proves defective material or workmanship within one year of the sale on Ex. Works Basis. However, electrical appliances are not covered in this guarantee. Every LOADMATE Hoist is tested on 125% of its safe working load, before despatch and is issued with a Test Certificate

Technical Parameters

S.W.L(Kgs) Height of Lift Speed (mtr/min) Motors (hp) No Of Falls Wire Rope Dia
Hoisting Cross Travel Hoisting Cross Travel mm
500 6 Mtr 5 18 1 0.25 2 6
1000 6 Mtr 4 18 1.5 0.25 4 6
1000 6 Mtr 4 18 1.5 0.25 2 8
2000 6 Mtr 4 16 3 0.5 4 8
2000 6 Mtr 4 16 3 0.5 2 10
3000 6 Mtr 3.5 16 5 0.5 4 10
5000 6 Mtr 3.5 16 7.5 1 4 12
7500 6 Mtr 3 15 10 1.5 4 14
10,000 6 Mtr 2.5 15 12.5 1.5 4 16
15,000 6 Mtr 2 12 15 2 4 18
20,000 6 Mtr 2 12 20 2 4 22

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