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Tips on how to choose a Manual Chain Pulley Block?

The word ‘industry’ invokes the image of machinery and mechanical apparatus working seamlessly. However, it takes a lot to sustain and maintain this perfection. It is unsurprising, therefore, that you need to exercise extreme caution and conduct an extensive analysis to facilitate the best performance. A little ignorance and lack of meticulousness are a recipe for huge investments on wrong, ineffectual machines. Specifically, Manual Chain Pulley Blocks has to be chosen with the utmost care and attention.

This is because chain pulley blocks perform the critical function of lifting and lowering exceptionally heavy loads through chains. Entrepreneurs know the simple action of pulling the chain can lift the item underlines the fundamentals of running a business. Following the steps that we have listed in this article will come to your aid. Who knew choosing the perfect chain block for your industry could be this efficient and easy?

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the simple steps specified by tech experts at LOADMATE :

How to select a good Manual Chain Pulley Block?

Once the equipment is developed, one should take care of the virtues of it. There should always be a few parameters based on which the buyer should judge the quality of the Manual Chain Pulley and thereby act accordingly. Given below is the Selection Metrics for Manual Chain Pulley Block-
  1. Select the Right Capacity (Knowledge of the Capacity is Power)
  2. Selecting the Suitable Mounting (Hook Mounted or Trolley Mounted)
  3. Select Triple Spur Gear System.
  4. Load Chain made up of Alloy Steel.
  5. Chain length should be selected correctly. 
  6. Spare parts that can be altered. 
  7. Warranty Comes First . . . And Last


Select the Right Capacity (Knowledge of the Capacity is Power)

Are you venturing into the arena of chain blocks without knowing your industry’s capacity? This is possibly the greatest mistake that you can make at the outset. In general, the block capacity ranges from 0.5 tonnes to roughly 50 tonnes to accomplish pulling and lifting heavy loads. First and foremost, define the capacity requirements based on the needs of your company. Chain Pulley blocks that have a capacity of more than 50 tonnes can be customized. Selection of the capacity should be based upon the weight of the heaviest material you intend to lift with the chain block

You have to specify the requirements, and we will find an apt solution for you. Once this has been completed, you can proceed to follow the other parameters listed below. You have taken the right step to acquire the perfect chain block. Nothing can stop you now, really.


Selecting the Suitable Mounting (Hook Mounted or Trolley Mounted)

You are ready with the capacity down to the decimal point, but what about the mounting? Like the capacity, this also has to be decided based on your application requirements. You can either choose a fixed mounted (hook mounted) or a trolley mounted chain block. Trolley mounted ones are beneficial if you wish to shift the load on girders. Hook mounted ones are helpful if the blocks will remain static in a single location for an elongated period. Conduct a discussion with our expert sales team of the chain pulley block. They will help resolve your doubts and queries about which one will be the right fit.


Select Triple Spur Gear System

A good chain pulley block will always have a triple spur gear system in it. It not only minimizes the risk of workplace hazards but at the same time, it makes the job effortless. Gone are the days of Manual chain pulley blocks with Worn drive mechanism. One should always concentrate on depending on a system that is a blend of an efficient spur gear and a sturdy chain pulley lift with a suitable chain length.


Load Chain made up of Alloy Steel.

The load chain of the chain pulley block should be made up of Grade 80 – alloy steel. The most important point you need to consider while buying a chain pulley block is that the load chain is not manually welded. You just have to take the effort of ensuring that a single chain piece replaces the load chain. Moreover, refrain from using chain links that have been welded. No matter what is the diameter of the chain, manual welding will always stand a chance of failure during load handling.


Chain length should be selected correctly.

One should have proper knowledge regarding the types of equipment before using this. The thumb rule you should follow here is this – measure the height of the lift. Make sure that the load chain length is equal to the lifting height and hand chain is almost two feet less than the lift length. For example, if the length of the lift chain block is 20 feet, then that of the hand chain should be 18 feet. However, it is feasible to keep the load chain length more than that of the lift length. LOADMATE chain blocks, specifically, are geared with methods that allow you to determine whether the length will suit your demands. Consult our sales team and make the purchase only when they recommend the chain length. Take this with a pinch of salt because the chain length will also vary based on the different applications.


Spare parts that can be altered (Easily Interchangeable Parts lead to Versatility)

If you are seeking long-term use and not just short-term satisfaction, this parameter will be particularly helpful. Always verify whether the chain block’s standard parts can be interchanged without much cost or effort. This might seem unimportant now, but you will thank us when there are inevitable wear and tear. These interchangeable parts will allow you to accomplish repairs quickly and ensure a quick return to normal functioning. The standardized aspects of such parts will further guarantee that you can get the parts replaced easily. If you select a chain pulley block that has interchangeable spare parts, then the advantage that you will have is you can get them replaced at any point of time. Therefore, the recommendation is that you should opt for chain pulley blocks with spare parts that can be altered whenever there is a defect.

Emphasis on the warranty period. Warranty Comes First . . . And Last

This is true for anything and everything that you are going to buy. Believe it or not, the warranty is the utmost guarantee that you might have. It is quite essential when you buy chain block so that you make a profit in the long run. The guarantee and warranty policies will avoid unnecessary expenditure in case there are wrongly claimed features or damage. While selecting a manual chain pulley block, you should check the warranty terms and period of the product. Buying a product without a specified warranty or guarantee period is a strict no.

Therefore, whenever purchasing a chain block, get one that comes with a warranty. This will ensure that you get the best in industrial quality standards.


Why Choose ‘LOADMATE’ for best quality chain pulley blocks?

With more than 29 years of extensive experience, LOADMATE is equipped to provide you with the best perfect chain block. Our chain blocks have been manufactured with a focus on innovation, consistent performance, and high-performing technologies. The experts will guide you on meeting all the parameters listed above. In addition, client-centric policies will ensure longevity and customer support. No need to worry if you cannot visit our factory in Surat, as we will take care to distribute the products in any Indian city. With LOADMATE, you will always conclude your hassle-free purchasing experience with the chain block of your dreams.

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