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Heavy Duty Manual Chain Pulley Block

Is Manual Chain Block a better choice than an Electrical Hoist?

The invention of manual chain block dates back to the early 3rd century BC and is credited to Archimedes, a Greek inventor. He invented a pulley design to haul ships out of the sea. This was done using a special hook and tackle system. Such early inventions of pulleys system led to the development of manual chain block and then Electric Chain Hoists.

Workers in different industries find the need for lifting heavy loads. However, as it is a challenging task, they simplify the process by choosing the systems like manual chain block (manual hoist) or an electrical hoist. There is no significant difference in the purpose of these systems. However, potential users have lots of queries on choosing the right option for their use. After analysing and learning about different arguments about electric and manual hoists, we have reached to the conclusion that manual one is better than the electrical hoist in some case and vice versa in other cases.

To start with, we need to say that both an electrically operated chain hoist and a manual hoist can accomplish a task. However, they do that differently.

Limitation of Manual Chain Pulley Blocks against Electric Chain Hoist

  1. Speed of operation: If there is a need for a constant speed of operation for the proper tuning of the production cycle, then Manual chain block is a not good choice as manual operational speed changes from operator to operator and sometimes for the same operator also. Sometimes excess speed is also demanded, which is beyond the human ability.
  2. Continuous operation: As the world is moving toward the globalization, the new market is opening for every industry, and there is a need for more production to cater to this market. For this, there is a need for hoists running continuously for long hours.
  3. Consistency in operation: With the high rate of attrition of operating labour, there is a need for the consistent way of operation of chain blocks. Electric Hoist reduces the dependency on humans.
  4. Lower in safety: There is a need for handling heavyweight material even where the conditions are not favourable for humans. High Temperature, acidic temperatures are the most common causes of the non-workable environment.
  5. Sequential/autonomous tasks: With the automation coming into a role, there is a need to maintain proper timing between the processes.
  6. Multidimensional tasks: More and more labour is required to control the different axis of operation of the manual arrangement of blocks.

Advantages of Manual Chain Pulley Blocks over Electric Chain Hoist

  1. Minimalistic design: Most of the novices prefer using manual hoists, as these devices have no intricacy. Moreover, the best manual hoists are not bulky models. These user-friendly solutions will surely please your workers. What’s more, you can maintain the design without much effort.
  2. Cost-effective choice for every business: Smaller businesses and startups may not have a big budget. Thus, for these organizations, these manual chain hoists can be the best option to serve their purposes. In terms of configurations, there is no notable difference between manual and electrical hoist. During your regular use, you do not need to pay an additional amount. Conversely, electricity hoists will increase your electricity bill. That is why you can find a manual hoist as the money-saving solution for your business. With the lowest investment, you will get the quality product.
  3. No need for availing power consistently: Power supply is one of the common issues in the manufacturing industry and other sectors. Furthermore, voltage variation and electricity availability can prevent you from working smoothly. It is one of the reasons for investing in the manual chain hoist. This hoist does not need electricity to continue its operation regularly. You can avoid troubles caused by the lack of electricity and voltage.

Although electrically operated chain hoists are capable of lifting heavier weights, the capacity of manual models is noticeable. You can use manual chain hoists with a load-lifting capacity of 50 tons. When your load weight is below 20 tons, you may easily invest in these manual chain hoists. Manual hoists are of two categories- lever and hand hoists.

Manual Chain Block need the use of your hands for operation. While you are pulling a chain, the wheel can turn different cogs, sprockets, and gears. It causes rotation of another load chain to pull and raise the load. The lifting process helps you to manage most of the activities. To make sure that your load is safe, chain blocks include a braking system. Your load will not slip back.

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