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Electric Chain Hoists

Electric Chain Hoists – Best Choice For Increasing Productivity

Nowadays, all of us want to avoid applying manual labour for heavy lifting tasks. Due to technological advancements, material handling systems can save time and efforts. When you are going to lift bulky loads, electric hoists can be one of the best options. The conventional gin wheels are unsafe for you to transport your cement bags and steel girders to a different site at the same time manual chain hoist trolley would be too slow for it. 

Electric hoists – Brief details

Electric hoist is the motorised version of manual hoist but with major design and safety features incorporated. It has many notable characteristics among which one of the features is that you can adjust the speed of lifting and travelling. Based on your needs and safety, you may make its speed slow and fast. The speed of your electric hoist can range from 1m/min to 12m/min. However, you may also look for faster hoists with a slightly higher price rate.

What’s more, the self-braked or fail-safe brake system is one of the notable features of an electric hoist. In most of the remote sites, power shortage is a common problem. In case of the power failure, you can find automatic braking of this hoist, and the load will retain its position.

Electric Chain Hoist includes a number of components like motor, gearbox, load chain, chain bag, trolley. You can read more about these components on ‘Why to choose an electric chain hoist?’

Why is an electric chain hoist a preferable and advantageous choice?

  • High load capacity: Electric lifting systems enable you to raise different types of loads due to their high efficiency. The average lifting capacity can range between 125kg and 30,000kg. The system can include a suspension lug, a hook, and a beam trolley. The lifting heights can be up to 150m. (read more about high lift hoist)
  • High productivity: Electrically operated hoists help you to move items fast and very easily. Unlike manual hoists that take time, the electric model accomplishes the task within a few seconds. You don’t need to apply stress while operating the hoist. Thus, you can avoid muscle strain and fatigue by using these hoists.
  • Quiet operation: The electric system does not produce intense noise. However, this noise issue is common to manual and pneumatic hoists. To make your work environment more comfortable, you can invest in electric chain hoists.
  • Sturdy structure: With proper maintenance, electric chain hoists will provide value for several years. A regular assessment and timely maintenance will keep up the best condition of your hoist. Conversely, manual hoists are highly mechanised, and they have a chance of wear and tear. Moreover, pneumatic hoists may have air leakage problems. These hoists also have different moving parts, including pivots, gears, and swivels. When you are using electric hoists, you do not need repairs frequently.
  • Versatile system: It is another reason for choosing electric chain hoists. You can move heavy loads horizontally and vertically. With one investment, you can find the highest functional value from the hoist.
  • Reduced costs of your business operations: One of the brighter sides of electric chain hoists is that it can reduce the overall work-related costs. Based on the nature of your business, the electric hoist will enable you to accomplish everyday tasks with fewer workers. Thus, as you are engaging the minimal number of workers, you can save the labour cost.

Electric hoists- Know about industrial applications.

You can find the use of electric chain hoists in different industries. When you are using an overhead crane, you can use electric chain hoist on it. Similarly, you may also use it with your jib cranes and workstation cranes. For their high adjustability levels, electric chain hoists have become very useful for a range of lifting applications.

Electric hoist is the right choice for using in small machine shops and different industrial production lines. You will get value from faster and frequent lifting.

Which is the best supplier of electric chain hoists?

You can find the names of different electric chain hoist manufacturers in India. However, to get the best product at a reasonable price, you can choose LOADMATE electric chain hoists. LOADMATE hoists work accurately and perform their duties with high precision. 

Thus, buy the electric chain hoist from us and check out the sturdiness and adaptability of these hoists in different situations.

Note: You have to maintain these hoists to make sure that they have retained their effectiveness for lots of years. As one of the operators of an electric hoist, you need to make sure the correct installation of the hoist and must check the system at regular intervals to avoid any breakdown.

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