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Electric Chain Hoist

Top 4 Electric Chain Hoist Characteristics

Electric Chain hoists – EURO Series with a built-in electric trolley is one of the light-duty lifting equipment, which consists of two components: one electric chain hoist and one electric trolley. The hoist that can be fixed on single beam bridge cranes and suspended single I-Beam tracks, is widely used for the lifting purpose that occurs in factories, mines, ports, warehouses, building site and etc. They are particularly useful in lower and small room workplaces.

Features of Electric Chain Hoist.

  • The body of hoist and gearbox of the trolley is made of high strength alloy steel.
  • The guide chain baffles and load wheel made of high-quality steel as well as alloy steel.
  • The forged hook with safety latch and the carbureting chain is high strength grade.
  • The grade two gear drive equipped with limit load device and lift up or down with the adjustable limit switch.
  • The hoists adopt the high start torque columnar rotor motor and the trolleys adopt the brake motor.
  • The push-button cord is with 24 voltage for safer handling.
  • Use the lubricating grease of long lifespan without leakage.
  • Low headroom, lightweight, easy operation, safe and reliable.

Characteristics of Electric Chain Hoist.

Top 4 Electric Chain hoist characteristics in motor brake, hook and hook latch, limit switch, friction clutch for smooth load and lift material are following.

  • Motor Brake: The motor brake is special. It has a rotor brake System. Thanks to its powerful brake force. The hoist can safely support its loads. Non-asbestos is used in the motor brake.
  • Hook & Hook Latch: The hook is forged with carbon steel, so when overloaded, it won’t break but slowly come apart. Besides on the hook, there is a hook latch, which keeps the load in the hook when the Load sling loses.
  • Limit Switch: Once the hoist is over lifted, it will stop automatically and immediately. Once the hoist is excessively tight, it will stop lifting or falling automatically and immediately.
  • Friction Clutch: The friction clutch mechanism can stop the motor racing to avoid lineages when the hoist is overloaded or excessively tight. Non-asbestos is used in the friction clutch.

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