Top 4 Electric Chain Hoist Characteristics

Top 4 Electric Chain hoist characteristics in motor brake, hook and hook latch, limit switch, friction clutch for smooth load and lift material are following. Motor Brake: The motor brake is special .It has a rotor brake System.Thanks to its powerful brake force. The hoist can safely support its loads.Non-asbestos is used in the 1notor brake. Hook & Hook Latch:The hook is forged with carbon steel,so when overloaded,it won’t break but slowly come apart. Besides,on the hook there is a hook latch,which keeps the ,load in the hook when the Load in the hook when the Load sling looses. Limit Switch: Once the hoist is over lifted,it will stop automatically and immediately. Once the hoist is excessively tight, it will stop lifting or falling automatically and immediately. Friction Clutch: The friction clutch mechanism can stop the motor racing to avoid lainages when the hoist is overloaded or excessively tight. Non-asbestos is used in the friction clutch.   electric chain hoist characteristics  

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