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An Ultimate Guide for Safe Operation of Electric Chain Hoists

Electric chain hoists are the machines that use electric to lift heavy loads. When it comes to using an electric chain hoist, an operator party possibly looks for plenty of things like, along with being safe and built with outstanding standards of quality, it should be robust, durable, operate without causing any noise, operate smoothly, and should be compact. The elementary features of an outstanding electric chain hoist include its designing which enables it to lift heavy, moving loads. As such, these hoists need to work efficaciously without causing any breakdown. The current hoists in the market are made in a specific way that they can work swiftly with high-levels of productivity. As these electric chain hoists can perform endlessly without any halt, they are also susceptible to experience wear and tear. As such, maintenance acts crucial for long-lasting or durable performance. Along with maintenance, the safety measures while their operation is also a key point to understand. Before you go for any electric chain hoist, ensure that you have gathered enough information on what are its advantages and safety measures

Benefits of Using an Electric Chain Hoist

An electric chain hoist is a very useful machine when you need to lift heavy loads like tons of weight. A right hoist can easily move heavy items from one place to another. A productive hoist saves energy, times along with costs associated with the labour. Out of all sorts of hoists available, the electric chain hoist is the aptest one. The benefits of the electrically powered hoist are as follows- 

  • Enhanced productivity.
  • Increased load in capacity.
  • Economical.
  • Adaptability.
  • Permanence.

Enhanced productivity

A right electric chain hoist allows the operator to move heavy loads from one place to another in the minimum possible time. When it is compared to manually operating hoists, the electric hoist functions very smoothly. An electric hoist doesn’t need manual effort. This makes sure that the operator can work for longer periods without interruption and losing their physical strength which results in higher productivity.

Increased load in capacity

Electric chain hoists can lift weight around 50 to 10,000 kgs heavier than manual hoists. As these hoists can carry heavier loads, they improve the effectiveness of the entire operation, too.


An electric chain hoist operation needs the involvement of few people or labours, as such its operation results economically. The operating company can save ample money through this process. 


These machines are very much adaptable as they are made accordingly. Along with lifting heavy items, these devices can help move the items to move from one place to another. Rather than investing in two machines to perform two diverse actions, buying one electric hoist that can lift vertically and horizontal movement saving ample time, money, and effort is way better. 


These electric chain hoists are strong and a secured permanence for performing. They can stay tough in lifting the maximum heavy item, and that is with ease and comfort. It can perform for years if maintained properly and with sincerity. 

Safety Measures for Electric Hoists

Electric hoists are made to lift heavy objects with ease and comfort. These hoists remain capable of lifting kgs to tones. But in the meantime, it is needed to maintain proper safety measures to make sure the safety of the operator, machine and the load. Safety measures for hoists include proper knowledge about the hoist, operating practices that involves training and the communication during operation as well as the load. 

Appropriate selection of Hoist- The elementary step of safe hoist operation starts with the selection of a proper hoist. Give importance to the application as well as the capacity of the hoist. It is critically important that the selected hoist has a capacity that more than the weight of the load. Also, ensure the length of the load chain of the hoist is long enough and reaches the load. Take an electric chain hoist into consideration when the load has to be lifted a long distance.

Operator’s Qualification– It may not be the feature of the hoist, but it can affect the performance of the hoist greatly as an expert is needed for safe operation. Along with good hand/eye coordination, spatial orientation and depth perception, as well as the operator, should show the willingness to perform maintenance operations and show safe work habits. Apart from following general safety instructions, the training of the particular that the operator will be working is also very much important. Points like inspections and maintenance, information about lift capacity, load limit devices, braking mechanisms, slip clutches, wear limits should be part of the training.

‘Not to be ignored’ instructions for the safety: 

  • Never utilize load chain of the hoist as a sling.
  • Side Pulling should be averted, as it places extra stress on the hoist and causes uncontrolled load swings.
  • Limit switches are not made for regular everyday use as they are intended to do emergency use. To avert the practice of utilizing limit switches to stop the operation of the hoist.
  • If the hoist is tied to a trolley, care should be taken to avoid crashing the trolley into the end stops on the beam. This raises the stress on the hoist and will make dangerous load swings.
  • Jogging the motor of the hoist should be reduced as this will generate heat in the windings of the motor, and may cause motor failure also.

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