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lowheadroom hoist

What is a Low Headroom Electric Chain Hoist?

Heavy engineering products are made with precision, and ultralow headroom electric chain hoist from LOADMATE is a true example of that. This machine is perfect for the applications where headroom is limited, and also it provides smooth, safe and maintenance-free operations. These factors are much needed for heavy machinery as an employer puts lots of money and hope in purchasing an electric chain hoist.

Ultralow headroom electric chain hoist comes to use when clients face difficulty with normal chain hoist with low headroom available above the machinery to be lifted. The electric chain hoist with ultralow headroom is the result of extensive engineering and exclusive designing, making it the fittest for a variety of applications.  In this article, you will discover several things about the need, use and effectiveness of an ultra-tailored electric chain hoist.

Electric Chain Hoist with Different Configurations-

During the planning stage of a new building- When the construction of a new building is planned, the use of ultralow headroom hoists makes it possible to minimise the height of the structure as they need less space than normal hoists. This lowers the needed height of the building or the structure and helps save costs for heating, material or air conditioning of the building. Ultralow headroom electric chain hoist is an ideal solution in such circumstances as they need minimum space due to their configuration.

When height becomes an issue in an existing building- When every centimetre is vital for a building or structure, ultralow headroom Electric Chain Hoist fits the best in these circumstances. This series allows the load to be raised almost up to the support beam. Made with state-of-the-art technology, this ultralow headroom hoists can do the tasks easily. This also enables the chances of using the existing frame without lifting the track upwards or down the floor level. It is highly applicable in applications like below deck in ships, and on oil platforms, etc.

  1. Operates smoothly and silently and highly maintenance-friendly.
  2. It includes plastic or canvas chain container.
  3. Safety Upper-lower limit switch to stop over lifting and over lowering.
  4. Control Voltage goes down to 24 V for improved safety with an emergency stop button.
  5. 4-buttons unit on hoist added to electric trolley.
  6. The option of push-pull Trolley mounted, geared trolley mounted or electric trolley mounted or hooked mounted to meet a variety of applications.
  7. Trolley wheel flange width is built with the custom specification for the specific beam specified on order. The hoist with trolleys can be moved to fit a wide range of beams including H-Beams, Universal Beams or Fabricated Box girders or I-beams.
  8. Special Input voltages like 500 V, 440 V, 400V, and 380V, are available as optional specification.
  9. Custom lengths of load chain, power cord, and pendant cord is available on request.
  10. Lifting Speeds Single or Dual Lifting Speeds
  11. Wireless Radio Remote control
  12. Variable speed control incorporated with Dual Winding motor or VFD inverter.

Maximum Overhead Clearance Attributes-

These attributes of maximum overhead clearance include specifications and characteristics of the machines-

  • The design of low headroom hoist reduces the beam-to-hook distance.
  • Taller equipment’s/machines can be placed or kept under assembly bays by making additional workspace.
  • In an existing building or structure where there is a restriction on height, this can minimise bridge crane profiles.
  • Clearance can be enhanced under bridge cranes and mezzanines by reducing the heights of the jib crane.
  • The expense of new construction of ceiling to make some extra workspace can be saved.
  • Position loads accurately and unfailingly for years.
  • A low headroom hoist averts needless contacts of load and the production machinery placed under it to foil the damage to both load and the machinery.
  • As it is a chain hoist, the advantage of ‘True Vertical Lift’ is leveraged.
  • Standard motor brakes are utilised to enhance stopping accuracy and holding force.
  • The adjustable rotary limit switch enables the adjustment of both the upper and lower hook stops.
  • Heavy Duty motors are used.
  • Low-headroom layout is incorporated to enhance workspace.
  • True-vertical lift is also in-built without any extra cost.
  • Enclosed in-line gear train hat carries oil bath lubrication for smoother and easier operation.
  • Mechanical load brake helps increase safety.
  • Electric motor brake for the precision of the chain stops.
  • Emergency upper and lower limit switch to check the chain motion
  • Reversing controls and pendant to avert the hoist running in case of phase reversal
  • 3 Types of trolley- Manual Push-Pull, Electric trolleys, and Manual Geared Trolley
  • Dual speed operation for specialised or custom application
  • Soft-start trolley controls to offer smoother operation

LOADMATE eyes on creating next-gen machinery to offer the unbeatable experience to clients when their work depends entirely on the accuracy and efficiency of our ultralow headroom electric chain hoists.

A smoother to the low-cost operation are some factors that make LOADMATE products popular. We are here to provide our clients with an ultimate heavy machinery solution.

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