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low headroom chain hoist

Low Headroom Electric Chain Hoist

5There has been an instance where our clients faced difficulty with normal chain hoist because of low headroom available above the machinery to be lifted. Keeping this in mind our design department has launched the hoist that requires ultra-low headroom.

LOADMATE Super low headroom hoist is designed for very limited headroom applications, where a normal hoist cannot be used. The ultra-low headroom series capacity starts from 1 Ton and ranges up to 5 Ton.

Maximum Overhead Clearance

  • The low headroom hoist design minimizes the beam-to-hook distance
  • Taller equipment’s/machines can be accommodated under assembly bays by creating additional workspace
  • In an existing building where there is a height restriction, this can reduce bridge crane profiles
  • Clearance can be increased under bridge cranes and mezzanines by minimizing the jib crane heights
  • The cost of new construction of ceiling to create some more workspace can be saved

Position loads precisely and reliably for years

A low headroom hoist avoids unnecessary contacts of load and the production machinery placed under it to prevent the damage to both load and the machinery

  • As it is a chain hoist, the benefit of ‘True Vertical Lift’ is leveraged.
  • Standard motor brakes are used to increase stopping accuracy and holding force
  • With the adjustable rotary limit switch, the upper and lower hook stops can be adjusted.

Standard Features of low headroom hoist

  • Heavy Duty motors
  • Low-headroom design to increase workspace
  • True-vertical lift without any extra cost
  • Enclosed in-line gear train with oil bath lubrication for smoother operation
  • Mechanical load brake to enhance the safety
  • Electric motor brake for the accuracy of the chain stops
  • Emergency upper and lower limit switch to guard the chain motion
  • Reversing controls and pendant to avoid the hoist running in case of phase reversal
  • 440 Volts — 50 Hz — 3 Phase

Optional Features

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