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motorized chain hoist

Features that are important to every Electric Chain Hoists

Electric Chain hoists have become the best choice for their higher quality standards, durability, robust design, and smooth, noiseless operation. However, to choose the right electric hoist, you need to learn about its features. You can buy this hoist from a reliable manufacturer like LOADMATE to get quality products at a reasonable price.

The major function of an electric chain hoist is to lift some heavy loads. Thus, it has to work rightly without a risk of breakdown. Modern hoists, designed by the LOADMATE, have a special design to ensure uninterrupted functioning. You will find a higher level of productivity in your business.

To purchase an electric chain hoist, you have to check out some important features-

  • Limit Switch
  • Motor brake
  • Helical Gear Box
  • Carbon Steel in Hook
  • Friction Clutch System

  • Limit Switch: Mishaps and accidents can occur at any time at the time of lifting your weights. A limit switch is one of the safety features of an electric chain hoist to prevent mishaps. This switch can stop your load lifting process while the weight of your load has crossed the limit. Thus, to avoid the risk of over lifting, the electric chain hoist automatically stops its functions. It is one of the impressive features of modern hoist systems.
  • Motor brake: Motor brakes are one of the most notable features of electric chain hoists. Reputed hoist manufacturers always add the best quality motor brakes to their systems. The reliable brakes ensure the safe management of heavy loads. These brakes enable your hoists to sustain the load. Moreover, they can control the loading process at any point. Your workers will be able to control your loads safely. The function of motor brakes differs from that of the control brakes. While motor brakes retain loads, control brakes delay moving loads. Motor brakes rely on friction, caused between mating surfaces, for stopping loads. They also turn out braking torque and friction. There is an electrical coil to move the friction face with the application of voltage.
  • Helical Gearbox: Gearbox is one of the most crucial components of electric hoist. For any electrical operation, the gearbox has to be designed for long and continuous working. We recommend the usage of helical gearbox lubricated with oil. Beware of the pseudo chain hoist manufacturers, using manual chain pulley block with motors and selling it as motorized chain hoist.
  • Carbon Steel in Hook: It is another useful feature, as it prevents issues to the hook when you are overloading the system. However, a hook latch must have a connection with a hook. It prevents loads from falling in the absence of connection.
  •  Friction Clutch System: The best electric chain hoist needs to have a friction clutch system to prevent any mishap. Moreover, this system manages overloads and prevents electric hoists from accepting a high amount of load. In the absence of a friction clutch mechanism, you cannot find force for controlling your system. Thus, it will finally result in serious mishaps. However, when you have bought hoists from a reliable company, like LOADMATE, you will surely find this feature in their products.

Other characteristics present in electric chain hoists

Electric hoists perform their function properly while maintaining a high precision to lift heavy loads. Thus, hoist operators and users have to make sure that they inspect the hoist condition regularly to keep up their effectiveness.  A thorough routine inspection of electric hoists also helps in retaining the durability.

Manufacturers always focus on the dimension of electric hoists. An improper dimension can lower the efficiency level and cause safety risks to your hoists. The best electric hoists are easy to manage and are serviceable. They must have some integrated safety features. Furthermore, they have to consume low power and take less time to accomplish the task. Another notable thing is that you can easily assemble the best electric chain hoists. Manufacturers also provide legible instructions for electric hoist operators. Electric chain hoists are advantageous to you for a variety of reasons-

Electric hoists increase your productivity.

Electrically operated hoists enable you to move heavy objects from one site to another. While compared to any manual chain hoist, an electric model can work smoothly. You do not need to apply much effort for this electric hoist. Thus, you may work for a longer period while dealing with this electric chain.

A higher capacity of carrying loads

The weight-bearing capacity of the best electric hoists is higher than other standard hoists. Due to these heavier loads carried by hoists, you can accomplish your tasks easily.

Highly durable

Electric hoists are highly resilient models, which will provide you with lasting value. However, you must maintain them regularly to increase their longevity.

RMS Industries is one of the best electric chain hoist manufacturers in India. Electric hoists are versatile systems used to lift heavy loads vertically and horizontally. As you have invested in these electric models, you will get the real value.

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