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electric chain hoist vs wire rope hoist

Electric Chain Hoist Or Electric Wire Rope Hoist – How To Decide!

Electric Chain hoist and Electric Wire Rope hoist are both electrically powered heavy-duty machines designed for lifting objects that are heavier than human limits. The usage also includes the conditions where the lifting height is more, or it is a frequent requirement. Modern design and advanced mechanism have significantly improved the performance of both electric chain hoist and wire rope hoists.

When both the hoists are electrically powered and controlled by a remote pendant, then what is the difference between chain hoist and wire rope hoist? What are the applications where one should use chain hoist or wire rope hoist specifically?

  •  Material: As the name indicates, a wire rope hoist uses wire rope (made out of wire fibre) as a lifting element, whereas chain hoist uses chains (linked-together pieces of metal) as a lifting element.
  • Lifting Technique: In wire rope hoists, wire rope is wrapped around a grooved drum as it lifts, it means the wire rope follows the spiral groove on the drum and goes a little left and right as well as up. This is generally not a big deal, but in some cases where precise lifting is required, this will not work. A Chain hoist lifts by pulling the chain through sprockets and depositing the chain into a chain container. This mechanism gives you the actual vertical lift and is best suited for precise lifting requirements.

Consider an Electric Chain Hoist in the following Requirements:

  1. 8-10 hours per day.
  2. 20-30 lifts per hour.
  3. Less than 30 minute motor on time per hour.
  4. A high percentage of lifts at full capacity.
  5. True vertical lift at no extra cost.
  6. High durability at low cost.
  7. Less maintenance.
  8. Need more allowance for Side Pulling (Side pulling not recommended for any kind of hoists)

Consider an Electric Wire Rope Hoist in the following Requirements:

  1. Optional lifting speed required.
  2. More than 30 lift per hour.
  3. More than 30 minute motor on time per hour.
  4. Ease of Interchangeability and maintenance of parts like motor, limit switches

At LOADMATE we take utmost care to suggest you a type of Electric Hoist. Little homework is done to understand your requirement in details and only after that, a recommendation is given whether to opt for a EURO Chain Hoist or an HD Wire Rope Hoist. A low headroom hoist is also an option that is considered in specific cases.

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