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electric wire rope hoist with girder

How to use an Electric Wire Rope Hoist?

Electric Wire Rope Hoist, as the name suggests, utilizes electricity to lift the heavy loading goods with the help of a drum wrapped with a rope. The rope hoist is employed to lift heavy loads up and down at the industries. These wire rope hoists may be useful and helpful where it is full of risk for a human to stand. The electric rope hoist usually can lift weights from 500 KGs to 20 Tons without any err. Although before buying a hoist, clear your requirements with the company so you won’t have to face troubles in the future.

Using a hoist is a tricky job; its operation can be done comfortably if the operator handles it the right way. Before you use any rope hoist for the first time, you should get well versed with its working components. LOADMATE suggests that an individual with working and composition knowledge has fewer chances of an accident.

Here are few tips that may help you ride Electric Wire Rope Hoist safely

Purchasing the perfect wire rope hoist

First of all, ensure you are purchasing the right electric wire rope hoist that suits best to the needs of your industrial purposes. Never compromise with the actual requirements for saving some money.

Hence, ensure the purchased product is the best suitable one for your industry. This is only done when the load requirement and the application is precisely defined. You can take help or suggestions from the internet.

Do all the checks

A package of electric wire rope hoist comes with an instruction guide where you will have operating information. There come few checks and tests suggested to perform before Electric Wire Rope Hoist is put to use.

These tests include checking if the voltage matches the motor requirements. Also, lubrication is filled or not, checking all the limit switches. The test ensures that the hoist performs fine and can be used for a longer time.

Ensure that nobody is under the hoist

Before you operate the rope hoist ensure that not even a single person stands under the hook. One may take it normally, but this is quite risky. Hence, always make sure that nobody stands under the hoist while its operation is under the process.

After these tips, it is important to know how to use electric wire rope hoist-

How to use an electric wire rope hoist?

Electric Wire Rope hoist consists of electric motors, gearbox, rope drum with rope guides and a large wire rope coupled with a hook. These hoists are made to carry heavy objects in a variety of conditions like stern heat while welding, furnaces or in an acidic atmosphere and over the burners. It is again suggested that before buying and using a hoist, you should have clear requirements, and place your order accordingly. Time and again, you will need instructions and training for using the wire rope hoist by a rope hoist provider or through electric wire rope hoist experts.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Voltage Check– Check your hoist to ensure the voltage of the motor matches the voltage of your available power supply. Connect the hoist to the power supply only when you are confirmed about this. Voltage is proportional to the speed of the hoist. Even in case of a minor difference, the speed obtained will be different than mentioned in the manual
  2. Check the lubrication– Ensure you have checked the lubrication. In this process, you have to ensure that the gearboxes are filled up to the mark by suggested oil or grease grade in the gearbox
  3. Test push buttons– Check your control pendant switches before the electric hoist is carrying the load. Test your emergency stop button by pressing it, and making sure the wire rope hoist ceases movement. You can release the emergency stop button by turning it to the left as shown over the switch.
  4. Test wire rope tangling– Lower the rope all the way to make sure your rope is not tangled by lowering or lifting it. If the rope is tangled, make sure to untangle it. If the rope is tangling, do not proceed until it is untangled.
  5. Check the Limit Switches– This is a very imperative check that needs to be done. Test the hoist limit switch, pressing the up button all the way. The limit switch should disconnect when the hook reaches the top of the hoist. Repeat the test by pressing the down button.
  6. Test Cross Travel Motion– Press the second set of arrows on your control switch to move the crane to the right or to the left. Check the cross travel limit switches working by taking the hoist to the extreme of the monorail or the Crane Bridge.
  7. Test the Long Travel Motion– Press the third set of arrows on your control switch to move the crane horizontally. Check the cross travel limit switches working by taking the crane to the extreme of the gantry rails.
  8. Trial run with the load– Press the down arrow in the first set of arrows on your control switch to lower the crane. When your hook has been attached to your load, you can press the up arrow to lift the load. Use the second and third sets of arrows to direct the load to its destination.