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eot single girder crane

What Is A Bridge In EOT Crane

An Bridge EOT crane is mounted on two overhead rails or tracks with the main structural element of the crane forming a bridge that can move along the length of the rails. The rails are supported by a building structure, making a bridge crane a permanent installation.
  • Design of Bridge : The bridge of a EOT Crane can be top running or under slung. A top riding bridge can accommodate heavier loads, but an under slung bridge is more versatile, in terms of its ability to transfer loads and interface with monorail systems.
  • Load Capacity : The bridge should be labeled on both sides with the maximum load capacity and, if an overload device is installed, a load test must be performed. Similarly, all cab-operated or remotely operated bridge cranes must be fitted with a motion alarm to signal bridge movement.
  • Bumpers and Stops : Depending on the normal operating speed of a bridge crane, bumpers or stops may be needed to prevent overtravel. Bumpers absorb energy and soften the shock of a traveling bridge, while stops bring the bridge to a complete stop.


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