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Details About Industrial Cranes And Their Usages

It’s hard to imagine industries and factories without industrial cranes. Almost every industry involves the usage of industrial cranes for different purposes. The primary function of industrial cranes is to transport heavy loads from one place to another. Heavier loads that are hard to move by workers can be moved easily with industrial cranes. That’s what makes industrial cranes irreplaceable in terms of industrial purposes. This article is going to discuss the main functions and different types of industrial cranes.

The basic and standard functions of industrial cranes

Like other industrial tools and devices, different types of cranes are there for different uses. The mechanisms of the different types of cranes are nearly identical, but their functions are different. Anyway, the essential functions of all types of cranes are the same. Let’s check out the basic functions of all types of industrial cranes.

  • Transportation: This function comes at the top of the list when it comes to the basic functions of industrial cranes. Before the discovery of industrial cranes, workers had to move heavy loads from one place to another. That kind of risky thing used to lead to frequent accidents. Different types of industrial cranes have made the transportation of goods and loads effortless and easier. In the case of a factory, it’s mandatory to move the products from the warehouse to trailers or containers. That task becomes way more comfortable for the workers if there is an industrial crane.
  • Lifting: An industrial crane is essential in terms of lifting a heavy load. Industrial cranes can lift heavy loads with more stability and safety. The load would never fall down if you’re using an industrial crane to lift it. Industrial cranes contain lower chances of lifting failures than other options. That’s why most of the factory owners prefer to use industrial cranes instead of other options.
  • Placing loads in the right places: While keeping heavy loads in the warehouse, an industrial crane can help you to place it properly. You can control the loads in better ways with an industrial crane. Placing heavy loads appropriately is important for avoiding unnecessary damages to the products.

What are the different types of industrial cranes?

As mentioned above, different kinds of industrial cranes are available in the market. As a factory owner or construction site manager, you have to select a suitable type of crane as per your needs. Here we are mentioning different types of industrial cranes and their specific uses.

  • Bridge crane: You’ll see the usage of bridge cranes in construction sites frequently. The main specification of this type of crane is that it includes a bridge. You will find a hoist trolley attached to the bridge that moves between two fixed runways. This kind of industrial crane is very efficient in moving heavy loads on a regular basis. The hoist trolley can move along with the movement of the bridge. You have to attach the load to the hoist trolley to move that to another point.
  • Tower crane: Tower cranes are noticeably taller than other types of industrial cranes. Due to the extra height, these cranes are capable of lifting loads higher than other cranes. The industrialists can’t think of constructing skyscrapers, high-rise buildings and shopping malls without these cranes.
  • Aerial crane: Aerial cranes are highly favourable for transporting loads or goods to remote locations. Big trucks or cranes can’t reach everywhere due to their bigger size. In such cases, aerial cranes are good options to transport or move the necessary loads. These cranes are attached to helicopters for completing the operations.
  • Crawler cranes: These cranes are efficient in handling heavier loads and weights than other types of cranes. These cranes are more stable while lifting heavy loads. If you need to move or lift weights more than five thousand tons, a crawler crane is the best option. But the only consequence of having a crawler crane is that it requires a tractor-trailer to move. But there is no competitor of a crawler crane in terms of lifting extreme weights.
  • Truck-mounted cranes: As the name suggests, you need a truck to use a truck-mounted crane. These cranes are the easiest to move to different places. Transportation is never an issue when you are using a truck-mounted crane. You can move the necessary goods or materials to another branch of your factory using a truck-mounted crane.
  • Workstation crane: These types of cranes are the best choices for little workshops or little factories. The structure of a workstation crane is very similar to a bridge crane. This kind of crane also includes a bridge that moves in a limited span. You can use a workstation crane within a limited space for moving different tools and other things while assembling or welding.
  • Railroad crane: The structure of a railroad crane is quite different from any other kind of crane. A railroad crane includes a crane body and a railroad and the crane body is attached to the railroad. The main functions of a railroad crane are to maintain railroads and fix derailments.

These are the different types of cranes that are popular in different industries. If you are a factory owner, you should choose the right type of crane for your factory as per your needs. Each of these cranes is unique and efficient in its own way.

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