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Articulating Arm jib crane with adjustable height

Why Should You Choose Custom Cranes System?

Cranes are one of the best systems to lift and move heavy materials. When you have started looking for cranes, you can find some standard systems in the market. Surely, those systems have useful functionalities to lift your loads. However, at times, you may feel the need for some bespoke solutions. That is why reputable manufacturers can provide you with custom cranes. In the automotive, aerospace, and other industries, some special load management processes need the use of additional equipment and controls. Thus, you can place an order for custom crane systems and get the ultimate value from them.

Nowadays, most of the manufacturing units and other organizations invest in custom-designed cranes instead of the standard ones. The best crane manufacturers and sellers identify the needs of their customers and then tailor the crane design. For instance, you may have been looking for a freestanding jib crane. However, there are barriers in the path preventing you from installing columns. Thus, as you cannot fit the header beam, crane manufacturers can add inverted-L columns that need no header.

How do we start the customization process?

The crane engineers will have an on-site consultation to learn about your needs. You have to inform them about the desired lifting capacity and other features that you need in your cranes. In most cases, a few modifications and configurations can ensure a high refinement in the crane system’s performance.  However, you may ask for major adjustments to redesign the load lifting system.

What customization options do we offer?

We can stagger our standard LOADMATE design headers and columns at some intervals. For instance, while one column is at 5 Meter, another one is at 10 Meter. When the headroom is very limited, we will provide you with a nested trolley and double girder bridge. An inverted arm will increase the available headroom. Moreover, we may use a simple track that does not need much headroom.

A telescopic bridge is another solution from LOADMATE Crane. It helps you in accessing another bay, which is outside the system. You can order customization for column-mounted, freestanding, and ceiling mounted cranes. What’s more, we have a variety of hangers that fit your needs. 

With galvanization and other modern painting techniques, we offer custom services for your cranes. Our professionals also visit your site to ensure that our custom material handling system has provided you with the ultimate solution.

Custom cranes serve every industry

Our professionals closely work with their clients to know their needs. They understand that the load lifting needs are different for every industry. For instance, steel manufacturers look for better protection from dust and heat. Similarly, automotive manufacturers rely on special cranes that help them with stamping, assembly, and coil handling. Mining professionals and metal processors working in a special environment need unique crane systems.

You may not always find the desired features in standard cranes. It is one of the major reasons for choosing the custom ones.

The best crane design engineers use custom software that helps them in adjusting every part. You can ask them to customize the crane kit and build a new structure. While you find problems with lifting loads using a standard crane, the custom models are the perfect choice. With a minimal investment, you will have benefits from the tailored cranes.

 Some innovative options available with custom cranes-

  • Better speed with heavy-duty parts
  • Advanced and highly integrated control systems for better safety of your workers
  • Additional heights to lift loads
  • Inclusion of a secondary brakes on the hoist drum and motor
  • Remote and on-board condition for design working period
  • Hoists fitted with lifting systems and grabs
  • More than one synchronized hoists
  • Special hoists designed to lift risky loads, like molten metal

Most clients of LOADMATE Cranes have a simple idea to use the material handling systems. Although they know their needs, they cannot make out how cranes will help them to reach a solution. Our sales engineers make the right electrical, mechanical, and structural calculation to offer the custom product.

Now, we can conclude that it may take little more lead time for custom cranes but it is better to invest in quality cranes with customized features. You may ask manufacturers to replace one feature with the other one. Overall, the customization process will provide you with a highly specialized system dedicated to serving your purpose. With a few transformations of the crane parts, you will get a high functional value.

Most industries need uniquely designed cranes that are useful for their business processes. They can order crane systems with a lifting capacity that can reach more than a hundred tons. Custom cranes designed by certified manufacturers and engineers can serve your lifting needs. However, with the growth of your cranes, you may need to look for different load lifting systems. That is why customizable options are futuristic solutions for your business. Moreover, you may engage professionals to install these custom cranes properly for safe and flawless operations throughout the year. If you have any questions about which system will best suit your requirement, you can contact us on or call us on 96871-14356, and we would be happy to assist you.

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