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Overhead Lifting Crane – When Should You Replace It?

Overhead lifting crane can last for years with proper engineering, installation, maintenance. You may have invested a high amount for this appliance. It is frustrating while you find issues with the equipment. Outdated and unreliable equipment may not help you in increasing production and growing your business. Reliable manufacturers use innovative technologies to make their cranes last for several years. Still, due to regular use, you can find signs of deteriorations in your crane equipment. In some cases, repairs can solve minor issues to your cranes. Thus, when should you replace your old overhead crane equipment with a new one?

We have listed signs indicating that you have to purchase a new crane.

  1. Your crane needs frequent repairs: When it is an old overhead crane, you need to invest more in repairs and maintenance. These issues may result in downtime in your facility, as you need to order new parts. Faulty parts causing repeated downtimes may increase business operation costs. In some cases, older cranes cannot perform their regular functions without regular upkeep. In this situation, you can search for the best overhead cranes for your purpose.
  2. You desire higher efficiency and safety while managing overhead lifts: Nowadays, several organizations think of modernizing older parts of their cranes. For instance, they choose a push-button pendant to replace an operator cab. Although enclosed and open operator crabs have become popular, they were standard choices for most of the cranes. The operator remains in a cab, fitted to the crane’s bridge. With the movement of an operator, you may lower the number of employees to deal with the crane. The operator will move, load, and unload the crane. However, companies prefer choosing radio and pendant controls to ensure safety. It will be easier for them to manage hazards, obstacles, and personnel.
  3. You think of buying a replacement crane system: The traditional overhead crane model in your commercial facility is causing issues. It is now not a reliable load lifting system for you. Thus, in this situation, you may buy a new crane from a reputed manufacturer. Although it is an idea to purchase a new crane system, it is not affordable for everyone. The best solution for you is to upgrade a few components of the overhead crane. Now, you can check out the parts that need renovation. Moreover, this option for a partial upgrade will reduce the downtime and disruption in your business. That is why you can prefer replacing some parts to increase the manufacturing and production output. You can replace a few electrical, structural, and mechanical parts of a crane. Due to material transportation and cost, the overall structure of the crane can be costly. For this reason, you may buy only some replacement parts.
  4. Your overhead lifting crane cannot pass inspections: To keep pace with CMAA, OSHA, and IS standards, you have to analyze your lifting crane equipment regularly. Proper inspections will enable you to find out signs of irregularities and wear and tears. You can take the right step to repair them and avoid legal problems in the future.
  5. Your overhead cranes are posing risk to your workers: Do your workers frequently report injuries while managing cranes? Malfunctioning lifting crane with problems in equipment can result in injuries. Moreover, regular complications in your cranes can make you feel the need to replace your old system. You can look for new crane models in the market.
  6. Only the costly parts of your crane are repairable: With the development of better technologies for your cranes, old parts have turned out to be obsolete. You may not find similar parts, as most of the manufacturers have renovated cranes and their components.
  7. Components of your crane have lost warranties: You can find manufacturer warranty for some parts of your crane. However, your crane has covered the warranty period. This warranty period indicates the lifespan of your parts. Thus, you need to check out the warranty of your crane components. Then, you can decide on buying new parts from the best manufacturer in India.
  8. You find more importance of using cranes for your business: You may have noticed that for proper business operations, you cannot avoid using cranes. That is why you can start evaluating the capabilities of your cranes to prevent stress on them. As you have invested in better crane components, you can ensure smooth operations.

To check out the potential of your crane, you can focus on some questions-

  • Do the regular lifts need more than one crane?
  • Does the load weight is more than 75% of the crane’s capacity?
  • Do your workers need to be engaged to manage the load?

The answers to these questions will enable you to make the right decision.

Now, to buy cranes and their related components, you can choose products of LOADMATE. You can make a cost-effective deal with LOADMATE. Wheels, brake systems, trolleys, hoist, and structural components are replacement parts of a crane. Be sure to buy the right models for your crane system. You will find the best performance of a reliable crane and increase your business productivity.

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