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Overhead Crane Specifications

Hoist & Trolley: Follow these tips to stay safe

Electric Chain Hoist Safety Tip: Safety First, Safety Last and Safety Always.

The danger exists once serious hundreds area unit transported, notably once the instrumentality isn’t being employed properly or is poorly maintained. As a result of accidents and high injury may result, special safety precautions apply to the operation, maintenance and examination of LOADMATE hoists and trolleys. Kindly scan the below mentioned general care and safety tips to follow before and whereas the operation of LOADMATE chain hoist & electric Trolleys. 

Before use.

  • Always read the owner`s manual and safety directions.
  • Always the hook latches work properly and replace missing or broken hook latches.
  • Never raise over capability shown on the hoist nameplate.
  • Never operate a hoist if it is broken.
  • Never use a twisted, kinked, broken or stretched load chain.
  • Never use a hoist if the hook latch is missing or broken.
  • Never use a hoist while not a hoist nameplate.
  • Never use a modified or distorted hook.
  • Never use a hoist in associate degree explosive atmosphere.
While in Operation.
  • Always confirm that the load is correctly sitting within the hook.
  • Never use a hoist for lifting, supporting or transporting individuals.
  • Never carry or transport hundreds over or close to individuals.
  • Never support a load on the tip of the hook.
  • Never use the hoist chain as a sling.
  • Never swing a suspended load.
  Read carefully what has been stated in the instruction manual provided along with the Chain hoist, making sure that each step is correctly completed and all parts are strongly fixed.
  • Is the electric chain hoist correctly installed to the trolley?
  • Is the trolley stopper correctly located on the beam?
  • Are bolt, nut and split pin tightened?
  • Can push-button cord wire support the pulling force made on controller suspension?
  • Is cable support strongly fixed on cable support arm?

Warning: IMPROPER chain hoist use might lead to death or serious injury

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