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electric chain hoist

Electric Chain Hoist Specification – Infographic

LOADMATE electric chain hoist specification a lightweight, compact style in capacities starting from 125 kgs to 50 tonnes. Single formed metal body, reduced headroom, improved potency, easier maintenance, exceptional safety standards.

  • Fail-Safe Brake:  EURO’s DC-current brake style reduces maintenance prices by eliminating drag at the beginning and responding right away at the stop. This additionally places less force on the motor providing extraordinarily quiet and sleek operation. Unlike voltage brakes, the advanced technology employed in EURO’s DC-Current brake protects you from hoist failure within the event of the motor.
  • Durable Upper/ Lower Limit Switch: The limit switch stops operation if either finish of the load chain contacts the hoist body, protective against supernumerary period and repair prices. The EURO’s redesigned upper/lower limit switch options increased sturdiness and low profile design for improved hoist headroom.
  • Long-Life Friction Clutch: The clutch prevents harm to the hoist by mechanically engaging within the event of a severe overload. Once the friction clutch engages, the motor is allowed to continue turning protective each you and therefore the hoist.
  • Ergonomic Push Button Pendant: Your Comfort and safety are assured with push-button pendants that are fitted with ergonomic controls.

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