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overhead crane specifications

Overhead Crane Specifications

Overhead crane Specifications in uses a collection of Electric Hoist, Bridge and the End Carriages with few other related accessories, used to both lift and lower heavy loads, and also move them horizontally across the floor or over the machines. Cranes are always equipped with either a drum to wind the wire rope or a chain sprocket to support the load chain depending on the type of hoist used.

  • Vertical Movement by Electric Hoist: Depending on the requirement a choice is made for an electric chain hoist or an electric wire rope hoist.
  • Horizontal and Lateral Movement: Horizontal movement in a crane can be achieved through the motion over or below the bridge depending on the number of girders. Lateral movement of a crane depends on the type of the crane i.e EOT crane or Under Slung Crane.
  • Stability: Stability is an important factor for the working of the crane. A crane is stable when the sum of all movements about the base equal zero. Generally, the 1.25 Factor of Safety is considered during the designing of a Crane. The Safe working load limit of a crane is Mentioned on both sides of the Cranes as S.W.L Capacity.

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