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types of cranes

Know about different types of cranes and their features

Overhead cranes, known as bridge cranes, are useful hoisting machines, riding on steel wheels along a strong beam. It comprises four parts, including the electrical system, bridge, travelling mechanism, and lifting mechanism. For reliable performance, these cranes are the best options for transporting heavy materials in the processing and manufacturing industry. Based on configurations, different types of cranes are available. We will present to you the brief details of different types of cranes.

HOT cranes

HOT is an abbreviation of ‘Hand Operated Travelling’ Crane. This crane is a special crane model with a stationary overhead model. It helps with the lateral movement of materials across two different planes. However, HOT crane is not a frequently chosen option, as it does not help with the highest level of movement. The hoist remains attached to a bridge that is operable with an electric pendant.

The best fact is that HOT cranes do not need much maintenance. By analyzing these features, you may decide on the purchase of these cranes for your business.

EOT cranes

EOT crane or Electric overhead travelling crane is a very common model, comprising of parallel runways and travelling bridge. You need electricity to operate EOT cranes. EOT cranes come with a control pendant or an operator. In most cases, these cranes have their applications in warehouses and workshops. However, keep in mind that you must not use the normal EOT crane in the corrosive and combustible environment.

EOT cranes have stationery designs, and you can move them only up-down, left-right and forwards-backwards. For your indoor use, you may choose these cranes. Assembly lines, factories, warehouses and mining corporations get benefit from investing in EOT cranes. As EOT cranes are easily operable, novices prefer using them. Single Beam and Double Beam– they are two variations of EOT cranes.

  • Single Girder Cranes: From the name, you can easily guess that it uses one bridge beam. It also includes a trolley hoist and two-end trucks. Single girder cranes are lightweight options, and their load capacity can be up to 20 tons. They can span up to a level of 55 Meter. Moreover, for the simple hoist and trolley design and easier installation, these girder cranes are available at a lower price.
  • Double Girder Cranes: These cranes include two bridge girders with electrical parts, trolley hoist, and two-end trucks. Their loading capacity is very high, and it can range between up to 800 ton. Double girder cranes can move bulky item very easily. Moreover, you can equip them with underhung and top running trolley. You may also customize these cranes with walkways, cabs, magnet cable reels, and other tools. For manufacturing these double girder cranes, manufacturers apply the design principles of an EOT crane. Thus, you can find a complicated design in double girder cranes. These cranes have capabilities of withstanding heavier use.

Gantry crane

It is a specialized crane with an integrated self-supporting structure. A gantry crane has legs to sustain the hoist, bridge, and trolley. Those legs move on rails, embedded on the floor. You can choose this crane to manage a lightweight load. The best manufacturer ensures corrosion-resistant structure and portability of this crane. When you think of avoiding an overhead runway system, you may rely on this gantry crane. The most common applications of gantry cranes are in railyards, shipyards, and construction.

Gantry cranes include two vertical components to bear the crane’s weight and the load. You cannot find wear and tear due to your regular use. While you are working outside, you can derive value from those cranes. Due to the presence of wheels, Gantry cranes are easily movable.

Gantry cranes are available in different designs-

  • Adjustable– Intended for warehousing applications where you need to move materials through doorways and aisles
  • Portable– Best application is in plant maintenance that needs relocation and replacement of machinery and equipment.
  • Track-Mounted– It is useful to lift and move substantial loads over a chosen route.

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