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Features and benefits of three-way adjustable gantry crane you never knew about

Every other manufacturing plant, factories, and construction sites are using gantry cranes for obvious lifting purposes. The overhead crane market is filled with numerous companies offering cranes at jaw-dropping rates. By bringing affordability on the platter, they took away many things that helped build a suitable gantry crane.

Later on, companies and individuals have invested in the additional customizable kits or replace parts or opt for a new gantry crane with an increasing workload.

Therefore it is always a sensible decision to invest in a three-way adjustable gantry crane as they are highly stable, adjustable as the name suggests, and can get a vast range of works done in a single go. 

What makes a 3-way adjustable gantry crane different?

It is the design, which is a crucial feature of the 3-way adjustable gantry crane. These cranes sport an ‘A-frame’ design, which can be made out from afar. This design lends them the ability to reach out to all directions to lift, move, and place different objects. It is called 3-way adjustable because its span, height, and tread can be adjusted as per the work or duty needs. 

Secondly, it can be used by the workers in an extreme working environment where floors are uneven. It can easily pass under the overhead obstacles, which adds tremendous value when working in closed spaces. 

Features that make your work easier

Here are some of the features that make three-way adjustable gantry cranes a great addition to your factories or other sites.

  1. Heightened capacity: There is no fixed load capacity for this crane type than other gantry cranes or vehicles. You can customize your 3-way adjustable gantry crane to have the power of up to 10 tons and in the ‘steel’ build for better durability. A steel construction based gantry crane will undoubtedly be relatively heavier, and it is aptly suited for such work where lifting load is always on the high side. If your lifting job needs are small, opt for the aluminium construction based 3-way adjustable gantry crane with a maximum load capacity of around 3 ton.
  1. Safer than others: Modern gantry cranes are designed to fulfil the lifting job’s needs and stay safe in a wide range of tense work situations. The ‘True A-frame’ design used in some 3-way adjustable gantry cranes helps eliminate the threat of the swaying motion. This motion is known to topple and seriously hamper the working capacity on construction sites globally. However, True A-Frame design helps a 3-way adjustable gantry crane to counter this motion by offering better stability to the whole structure.
  1. Better comfort and stability always: Today’s 3-way adjustable gantry cranes are great when it comes to remaining in the same position for a longer duration. Most of the older era gantry cranes are troublesome when it comes to staying in the same place for longer construction jobs due to various factors. However, Spanloc 3-way adjustable gantry cranes are in a different league altogether as its I beam remains in a fixed position for a longer duration providing incredible stability. It can be used in four positions without any hassle and its wheel is coated with polyurethane, which gives adequate protection to the floor from any damage whatsoever.

Customize your three-way adjustable gantry crane 

Most of the 3-way adjustable gantry comes with limited to no customizable features. In other words, you are stuck with the design and combination you had bought your gantry crane. But LOADMATE gantry cranes can be easily customized to your specific construction job needs. You can add motor drives to your gantry cranes so they can ride on the V groove track with ease and simplicity. Custom powered gantries are a lifesaver for millions of construction workers globally. It also helps keep the construction plan on track by adding much-needed agility to the whole task. 

You should also invest in the optional hand cart kit from LOADMATE to make your gantries highly portable. This cart kit can be used to transform a gantry crane into an outstanding transportable handcart. 

Thirdly, if you are working at such a construction site where the progress is fast-paced and your need to adjust the crane height regularly, then opt for the detachable height adjustment kits. It should be noted that you can adjust only one end of the gantry crane at a time. It is for safety and to avoid the whole gantry crane by toppling over. 


Three-way adjustable gantry cranes are widely used in the shipping yards, railway yards, and even steelyards because of the flexibility and stability. Earlier it could be seen being in use in the manufacturing, maintenance, warehouses, and workshops, but over the years, it has made its way in the outdoor sector.

When looking for the right gantry crane for your place, go with the 3-way adjustable gantry crane to provide flexibility and stability to your work environment. Several businesses have reported a visible business growth powered by the deployment of the 3-way adjustable gantry cranes.

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