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goliath crane

What is a Goliath or Gantry Crane?

A Goliath Crane (Also known as Gantry Cranes) is a kind of overhead crane having a single or double girder establishment supported by separate legs that move on wheels or rail system or along a track. They are generally taken into consideration when there is a reason not to involve an overhead runway system.

Gantry cranes are used for an outdoor application or beneath overhead crane system. Different from an Overhead Crane, these types of cranes do not require to be coupled with a building’s support structure- removing the requirement for stable runway beams and support columns. In some cases, this can lead to a noteworthy reduction in material costs and can be a more gainful solution compared to a similarly specified overhead crane.

Larger gantry cranes may run on a rail embedded in the ground, usually in a straight line and in a dedicated work region. Smaller gantry typically runs on castors or wheels and can be moved about a facility for light fabrication work or maintenance. 

Full gantry or semi-gantry systems are often utilized for heavy fabrication works, or in some kind of outdoor yard, like steelyards, rail yards, scrap yards and shipping and container yards.

They are also in-famous for precast or cement works for areas where they’re forming and rectifying slab concrete. Their design lets them to be employed outdoors and also allows forklift trucks and other motorized traffic to apply and cross through beneath. 

Usually, portable gantry systems are utilized for lifting and holding a load in place while it’s being fabricated or assembled or worked. The load isn’t mandatorily being moved through the facility, but this kind of crane can be moved around to work on diverse parts or equipment.

Portable gantry cranes can also give more flexibility than a workstation crane or a Jib Crane. A Jib crane usually has to be installed onto a poured concrete foundation, and once it gets installed, it’s like permanent instalment. A smaller portable gantry system can work as a jib crane does but can be moved about your facility as your business expands and you start optimizing and concreting warehouse space.

At LOADMATE, you find topnotch material handling equipment made from cutting-edge technologies. We always apply high-quality raw materials to manufacture, and we are known as one of the trusted and well-known manufacturers and suppliers of Goliath Crane or gantry cranes. These cranes are self-propelled cranes that run on rails embedded in the ground. Our manufactured Gantry Cranes are capable of taking the load of up to 200 MT. These cranes are used in the following places-

  • Construction sites.
  • Ports and harbours.
  • Workshops where existing columns are not enough to hold the wheel loads of an overhead crane.
  • Workshops with low roof tie height.
  • Locations with unrestrained or inconsistent bay lengths.
  • Sites/ projects that need the crane itself to be shifted to another place.
  • Locations where loads are to be shifted from points out of the crane span. For example, in the case of an overhung load, and this is on either side of the rails.

A semi-gantry crane is utilized in workshops where part utilization of shop bay is needed. In such a system, one end-carriage of the crane will move on the regular gantry rail while another or the opposite one on a rail-mounted usually at a lower elevation or on the ground. 

A Gantry Crane is more expensive pricey than the same EOT Crane, but the benefits of utilizing a goliath crane are much more than an EOT one in the long run. If you consider the greater interest of business, employing a goliath crane is way cost-effective than utilizing an EOT Crane. Here are a few factors which made Gantry cranes more popular than overhead cranes are as follows:

The high pricing of Long Travel (LT) Girders which are needed in case of an Overhead Crane but not in a while using a Gantry Crane

The extra cost of Columns needed to support the Long Travel (LT) Girders

Prices of the civil foundation for Columns (for Overhead Cranes) are way more than prices of the civil foundation for Goliath Crane rails (in case of Goliath cranes).

Tandem utilization of Gantry Cranes improvises flexibility and safety on your dry dock. With a master-and-slave operational establishment, both cranes are mastered by one operator, from one control station. This minimizes the safety risks of the two operators.

Indoor/Outdoor Use

If your Goliath crane system is to be installed for operating outdoors, you’ll have to consider the type of paint which will be applied to it, as well as the material used itself. Since the crane has to be used outdoors, you’ll need material like galvanized steel or stainless steel that can sustain corrosion and hold up to saltwater, UV exposure, extreme heat or cold and moisture.

You will also like to see added features like insulated electrical panels and motor heaters to sustain the elements. You can also add on a “dog house” or covered area to safeguard the trolley and hoist. These can actually move over the top of the hoist the whole time or can be a selected parking station at the end of the crane.


Gantry cranes are aptly designed to manage high-volume lifts and offer a well-organized means of lifting or moving heavy loads through a yard, or general manufacturing/warehousing environment, or fabrication shop.

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