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Double Girder EOT Crane (1)

EOT Crane – Different Types And Functionalities For Carrying Loads

You need a big workforce for the utmost effort when you want to lift heavy loads or rough objects manually. To simplify this task, EOT crane has turned out to be the right choice. You can find these cranes in mining sites, construction sites, workshops, and warehouses. The standard working temperature for running EOT cranes ranges from -20 to 40℃. However, you must not use the normal EOT cranes in a corrosive and combustible environment.

In most of the industries, where you deal with heavy-duty operations, EOT cranes are the most valuable appliances. You can lift loads and lower them easily for everyday needs. Nowadays, crane manufacturers are designing their cranes based on the modern infrastructural developments of different industries. Due to the increasing needs for material transport and management, EOT crane manufacturers have started providing customizable designs.

Get a concept of EOT cranes

EOT stands for Electric Overhead Travelling, which works as an overhead crane. Also called bridge cranes, these EOT cranes include parallel runways, in which a travelling bridge spans a gap. The manufacturer mounts the hoist on the bridge.

From the name, you can guess that EOT is an electrically operated crane with an operator cabin or control pendant, fitted to the crane. EOT cranes have the capacity to raise and lower bulky loads. Simultaneously, they can move the load in both directions.

EOT cranes, available in the market, are of two categories. In India, the best crane manufacturers offer Single Girder and Double Girder EOT cranes.

These cranes are equipped with one bridge. They have a lightweight structure without much complication. Thus, you can choose them for some lighter applications in your industry. The end carriages, the electrically managed hoist, and the main bridge- these are major components of these cranes.

These double girder systems are more affordable choices, and you can use them when you need a high capacity to carry a load. Due to the presence of two bridges, they have robust, sturdy structures. For heavy-duty industrial operations, you may choose those cranes. In terms of functionality and aesthetics, double girder cranes are a better choice. Manufacturers also provide you with quality assurances for their cranes.

The EOT crane comprises hoisting mechanism, trolley frame, and trolley running mechanism. The first one, hoisting mechanism, is based on the brake, electric motor, reduction gear, and drum.

The electric motor helps in the rotation of the drum through this reduction gear. The trolley frame is one of the welding parts, and it looks like a rack, useful for sustaining and installing the hoisting mechanism.


How should you use the EOT crane?

  • Capacity of the crane: You have to focus on your crane capacity (SWL) and the material that you need to load and unload. The crane capacity must not be lower than your material weight.
  • Regular inspection: Before engaging the EOT crane for your industrial needs, you have to check out its smooth movement. In the best condition, the crane can move to any direction. While you have heard odd sounds, you have to take steps for repair. Inspections are done on a daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly basis based on usages.
  • No disconnected parts: Loose parts and components can make the loading process insecure. The hoisting ropes and the sling have to be tightened to avoid any effect of loading.
  • Check your crane’s functionality: The crane must work in a way that, when you need to halt its function, the system has to do that instantly.
  • Turn down your system: Before leaving your industrial site, you have to turn off the system rightly. Remove the load that hangs on the hook of the crane. Hoist these hooks at the central position.

Find the most renowned EOT crane manufacturers

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