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What kind of problems do crane manufacturers face in India?

In India, the material handling equipment industry features an array of different products that meet the needs of various industries. From pieces of equipment that handle storage to processing, controlling as well as protection of raw materials and goods – these equipment are necessary throughout the entire manufacturing procedure. However, material handling equipment isn’t limited to this. It also handles consumption, distribution, and disposal. The pieces of equipment include hoists, cranes, conveyors, scissor lifts, transfer trolleys, and so on. Cranes, in particular, are required for the functioning of different industries. The excessive demand for cranes is reflected directly in the industry, which has led to an increase in the number of crane manufacturers in India. 

Crane manufacturers in India have benefited from the growth of infrastructure, automobile, construction, capital goods manufacturing, transportation, power, and energy industries.

Regardless of the promising future that crane manufacturers in India have, there are several kinds of problems that are faced by this industry. Let’s take a look at these challenges.

  • The procedure involved with clearance:

The clearance procedure is involved with the collaboration of different agencies, and this transforms the process into a time consuming one. It happens for various reasons. Lack of coordination can cause the essential clearances to slow down the process.

  • The working capital is high:

There are a limited number of good and reliable crane manufacturers in India. This is because of a variety of reasons. From long cycles of working capital to high working capital and low-cost recovery – the market is only open to crane manufacturers who have massive sources of funding.

  • The documentation procedure is time-consuming and slow:

There is a major problem in coordination when it comes to the different government bodies – local, state, and central. This causes a serious delay in the legal approval as well as the documentation stage.

  • There is No Law to restrict non-qualified Crane Manufacturers in India:

The presence of unqualified fabricators and dummy manufacturers prevents the industry from growing completely. These fabricators quote very less for the cranes as they don’t spend anything on design, raw material inspection, testing after completion or after-sales service. As most of the customers are purchasing the cranes for the first time and also doesn’t have a vendor assessment facility, they fall prey into these low cost at worst quality quotation. These customers regret after purchasing or even before purchasing the crane, but they are left with no other option. The reduction in order conversion for good companies has caused investors to lose interest in MHE.

  • The unnerving gap in Demand and Supply:

Currently, material handling equipment backed by upgraded or automotive technology is in demand, which creates a shortage of supply in skilled labourers required to operate the existing machinery.

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