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Manual Trolley Geared Type

Manual Trolley Structure & Installation

Manual Trolley has two options.

  1. Push-Pull Trolley
  2. Geared Trolley

Structural & Installation details of both the trolley are almost similar. Below mentioned is the stepwise detailsTrolley

  1. It consists of the left side plate (10), right side plate (7), hoist shaft (6), lifting rings (8) hand chain wheel (3) and driving axis (4)
  2. Plane trolley`s structure as shown in figure 2 it also consists of a left side plate (10) right side plate (7) hoist shaft (6) lifting rings(8)
  3. Both left and the right side plate of the trolley`s have roller (1) The hoisting shaft goes through the left and right side plate and is right ended with the nut (12) The rings should be installed in the middle of the shaft and the chain block flag on the lifting ring.
  4. The 20-ton geared trolley has consisted of two 10-ton single track geared trolleys which are connected with special lifting ring.
  5. As for the geared trolley pull the hand chain (5) and the driving axis (4) will rotate, and the gear (2) will take roller (1) to run along the track. as for the plain trolley just push the object and the trolley will travel along the track.
  6. To fit with different requirements for the track width, adjusting washers(11) can be used to adjust the space inside and outside of the plates.

Installation of Manual Trolley (Geared Type)

  1. When installing the trolley, the washers on both sides of the side plates shall be equal. To keep the gap between the side of the track and the rolling wheel, the quantity of the washers are allowed to be adjusted.
  2. After installing the trolley on the track, lock the screw on the lifting shaft(12) and the put on the light load and try running. After the rolling wheel is connected with the track, tighten the screws outside. Take care that the screw must lock tightly with each other.
  3. After the geared trolley is installed the gap between the rolling sleeve (() and the bottom of the track (F) shall be adjusted and make the beach the specified value (1) The adjusting method is as follow loosed the screw (14) move the rolling sleeve shaft (13) and tighten the screw after it reaches the specified value.


  1. Must not use the trolley with overload.
  2. Anyone must not walk or work under the heavy object when the trolley is lifting.
  3. When the trolley is working if the hand chain is hard to pull or the pull force is abnormal must not the yank it. Stop immediately and check if there is any trouble or if the object is binding with other things.

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