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Electric Chain Hoist

Electric Hoist – Breakdown Exclusion

Electric Chain Hoist – Breakdown exclusion cover the various reason of Electric Chain Hoist breakdown and the best and fastest way of Chain Hoist troubleshooting to identify the reason and make the hoist running again safely. Before following the below-mentioned exclusion, kindly refer the manual provided together with the hoist.
Phenomenon Reasons Instructions Measures
Going the other way round. Wire is oppositely connected. Exchange two of the three power supply cables. Refer to “Operation Test”.
Not movable. (1) Power circuit protector tube has broken or circuit breaker is not closed. Replace the protector tube. check if the rated current is correct. Replace the preserver tube or reset breaker switch. Replace the preserver tube if necessary.   If motor buzzes or can`t run, stop the machine at once.
(2) Control circuit protector tube has fused. Replace the protector tube. Check if the rated current is proper and replace the protector tube if necessary.
(3) Power cable or push-button cord fails to be connected. Check if bending part of cable or cord breaks Fix circuit breaker.
(4) Voltage dips. Measure voltage with a tester, checking its connectivity with the power source.
(5) Emergency stop button is pressed down. Turn emergency stop button to the right and then release it.
(6) Inner wiring breaks down (connection fittings loosen or disconnect). Check inner connection wiring fix it if necessary.
(7) Electromagnetic connection fittings are poorly connected. Replace electromagnetic contractor.
Can`t stop. Welding connection of electromagnetic connection fittings. Replace electromagnetic contractor.
Brake slices. Motor brake has down. Check and fix motor brake.
Can`t lift load. (1) Friction clutch has broken down. Contact authorized distributors.   If motor buzzes or can`t run stop the machine at once.
 (2) Voltage has sagged.  Check voltage connectivity with a power source with a tester.
 Trolley can`t stop at once. Trolley motor brake loses.  Check and fix motor brake.  Keep braking at least 1 second.
Trolley wheels slide. (1) Beam has inclined. Check and correct beam inclination. Keep braking at least 1 second.
 (2) Traversing rail has too much oil.  Wipe away lubrication oil.  Wheels move better.
Electric shock (1) Poor grounding. Make grounding correctly. Make grounding according to local regulations. When four conducting electric cables don`t supply power to motorized trolley traversing beam can be used as a grounding conductor. Make sure the beam is in good grounding.
(2) There is something on electric appliance fitting or it is too wet. Take away something on electric appliance fitting or dry it.
Lubrication oil leaks. (1) No oil plug. Attach a normal oil plug.
(2) Fitting or oil plug is loose. Fasten the oil plug.
(3) No seal fitting. Attach a normal seal fitting.
(4) Seal fitting has worn or deformed. Attach a normal seal fitting.
Load chain makes abnormal noise. (1) Load chain lacks enough lubrication. Friction clutch has broken down.   Lubricate load chain.  
 (2) Load sheave or load chain has worn out.  Load sheave has worn out.  Replace load sheave.

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