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Electric Overhead Travel Crane

Electric Winch for Wind Turbines Application

The hoist/winch in this application is initially used for the installation of the turbine generators. Afterwards, it is used for maintenance occasionally by maintenance crews for lifting tools and equipment on to the platform or into the upper pod.

LOADMATE Make’ Wind turbine hoists (Electric Chain Hoists) are designed to meet the specialist requirements of this industry, with capacities and lifting speeds to suit your specific needs.

  • Both onshore and offshore electricity wind turbine generators require high lifts and a fast lifting speed. It should also have adequate IP electrical protection of motor, panel & pendant.
  • Because they are mostly used for maintenance of the turbine, they must be of good quality and manufactured for reliability.
  • Robust and reliable enough to stand up to harsh offshore weather conditions with a design life of 20 years
  • Power supply voltage to customers’ requirements i.e., single-phase and three-phase options, are available.
  • Mounting can be done on a crane system, davit arm, jib crane, or fixed mounted.
  • Wind turbine Chain hoists are unique in the lifting industry, we have the knowledge and specialist expertise to offer a bespoke hoisting solution to every wind turbine lifting project.

Variants of Wind Turbine hoists

  • Capacity: 125 kg, 250 kg, 500 kg, 1000 kg.
  • Load Chain Size: 4 mm, 6.3 mm, 7.1 mm, 8 mm, 10 mm, 11.2 mm
  • Lifting Speed: Single Speed & Double Speed
  • Lifting Height: up to 150 Mtr
  • Supply Voltage option : 230 V (1 Phase), 380 V (3 Phase), 400 V (3 Phase), 415 V (3 Phase), 460 V (3 Phase) , 500 V (3 Phase)

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