LOADMATE : Electric Wire Rope Hoist explained

LOADMATE Electric Wire rope hoist features high handling rates and is cost-efficient with maximum safety. As basic hoist units for monorail application i.e only one horizontal directional operation or as lifting solutions along with the Crane, with our wide range of Electric wire rope hoists we offer the best in industry solution to meet our customer’s requirements for efficiently lifting loads up to 20 tonnes.

Our Electric Wire Rope Hoists meet all safety requirements and have for high efficiency due to longer service life to satisfy tomorrow’s needs. Besides their space-saving design and particularly long service life, they also offer high lifting speeds for faster handling rates. Comprehensive standard features like single-phase protection, reverse phase protection, under/over voltage safety and overload relay provide excellent value for money. The compact design is highly appreciated by our clients for optimum utilization of space.

Available in two basic designs, our Electric Wire Rope Hoists provide the right solution for virtually any load lifting application.

  1. Electric hoists with a trolley: Optimized for crane applications feature a compact design and minimum approach dimensions. Low-headroom double-rail crabs can also be used in applications where space is at a premium and are rated for loads weighing up to 50 tonnes. The Low-vibration motor is used in Trolley for quiet operation. Fast-acting brake in CT is also provided with limit switches on demand. The Cross Travel Gearbox is lubricated for life and does not require periodic greasing or oiling. Protective rope guide provides inclined pull up to 15° without any damage to the rope. It can be operated through a cable pendant or a radio remote control.
  2. Electric foot-mounted hoists: Suitable for Goods lift applications and are prepared for fix mounted positions. A high-speed operation can be provided for high lift applications. The headroom can be further reduced to a match the restrictive low height conditions at some sites. The electric panel can be provided to make button arrangements on several floors for a goods lift application.

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