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goliath crane

What is a Goliath or Gantry Crane?

LOADMATE offers world-class material handling equipment’s that are fabricated from cutting-edge technologies. We always use high-quality raw materials in our manufacturing process and we are reckoned as one of the reputed manufacturers and suppliers of Goliath Crane (Also known as Goliath Cranes). Gantry cranes are self-propelled cranes that run on rails installed at ground level. We manufacture Gantry Cranes that can take the load of up to 100 MT. The places of use of these types of cranes are as follows:

  • Construction sites.
  • Ports and harbours.
  • Workshops where existing columns are not sufficient to bear the wheel loads of a bridge crane.
  • Workshops with low roof tie height.
  • Locations with excessive or inconsistent bay lengths.
  • Sites/ projects that require the crane itself to be moved to another place.
  • Locations where loads are to be moved from points outside the crane span. For example, in the case of an overhung load which is on either side of the rails
  • In workshops where part utilization of shop bay is required, a semi-gantry crane is used. In such a configuration one end-carriage of the crane will travel on the regular gantry rail while the opposite end-carriage will travel on a rail-mounted typically on the ground or at a lower elevation

A Gantry Crane is more expensive than an equivalent EOT Bridge Crane, but the advantages of using the former are much greater than the latter in the long run. In greater interests of business, using a Gantry crane is actually much more cost-effective than using an EOT Bridge Crane. Some factors contributing to the popularity of Gantry cranes as compared to the counterpart bridge cranes are as follows:

  • The high cost of Long Travel (L.T.) Girders which are required in case of a Bridge Crane but not in the case of a Gantry Crane
  • The additional cost of Columns required to support the Long Travel (L.T.) Girders
  • Costs of the civil foundation for Columns (for Bridge Cranes) are higher than costs of the civil foundation for Gantry Crane rails (in case of Gantry cranes).

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