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open letter

An open letter to all our Dealers & Customers

The COVID-19 pandemic situation seems to be the biggest challenge in the present world. However, it is not the first time we are confronting hurdles. We had overcome the toughest situations, like floods, earthquakes, 9/11 and even World Wars. One day, we will surely win the battle against the deadly virus. In late January, when I went abroad for a few days, the novel Coronavirus was not a hot topic among the countrymen. It was something baffling to me when I returned to my home country in March and found the news channels continuously talking about this topic.

Every time we face adversities, we feel that our economy is delicate, and our lives are fragile. At any time, we can find transformation in our lives. Still, we can say that our spirit is always creative, long-lasting, and ingenious. We have a real eagerness to get out of the adverse situation. We had felt it for the first time when we started working with our LOADMATE dealers and suppliers.

At LOADMATE, we anticipate that we will soon find a new world. However, our management team has already started dealing with our business operations remotely. We would keep some of our manufacturing plants closed. Still, we are open to receive orders and ship our products at the right time in spite of the crisis. Moreover, our team is always abiding by Government guidelines. We have asked our team members to keep up social distancing, use sanitizers, and wear gloves and masks.

We think that our crane systems and other products are essential to continue the operation of other industries. That is why we have made the best effort to maintain the supply of our products.

The major part of our management team is working remotely from home. We take pride in the fact that despite these constraints, we have not failed to retain the productivity level, service standard, and product quality. It proves that our employees are dedicated, reliable, and trustworthy. With cross-training and inspiration, we have prepared our team to manage any situation. Furthermore, we have created a dedicated IT department that provides us with innovative tools for the remote working facility.

By engaging more workers and engineers, we have tried to increase our output level in the past few months. Our team has started working on unfinished projects to launch new products in the market within a short time. Our considerate steps, like online training and webinars, have enabled us to carry on our works without any barrier.

Within a few coming months, we will be able to restore the normal sales rate of our company. Although there was a slight decline in the sales level during the initial period of this epidemic, we would be successful in maintaining our status. We know that the future is unpredictable. Still, our optimistic team at LOADMATE will have recovery within the shortest period. Thus, for all material handling equipment needs, dealers & customers can communicate with us.

On behalf of our management department and sales team, I like to give thanks to our dealers & customers. Our dealers play an important role in continuing our business operations. Our big dealer network has enabled us to reach our products to different parts of the country. In the future years, we will surely be able to strengthen our network and make our products accessible to everyone in the country.

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