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manual lever chain hoist

Manual Chain Hoists and Lever Chain Hoists: All the Facts You Have to Know

Hoists are mainly tools to fulfil industrial purposes. Generally, hoists are of no use to common people. The industrial and factory workers take the help of hoists to simplify their workload. The main function of any type of hoist is to lift a certain amount of load or weight in an easy and effortless way. The weight that you can’t lift up with your hands can be lifted by a hoist easily. 

Now, as we are going deep about hoists, you must know about the types of hoists. There are several categories among hoists. You can categorize hoists mainly as electrical hoists, manual chain hoists, and lever chain hoists. As there are three different categories in hoists, it will be a bit difficult for you to pick one category. You might have confusion regarding the perfect choice for yourself. If so, read this article till the end to have an answer to your question. 

Firstly, if you’re looking for a budget-friendly option, eliminate the electrical hoists from the list of options because the price ranges of the electrical hoists are higher than the other options. Those can be too costly to fit in your budget. Moreover, if you don’t need to lift too much weight frequently, an electrical hoist will be a waste of money. Electrical hoists are mainly for frequent heavy lifting purposes that the workers and labours find hard to lift. 


Here are the reasons why you should go for the other options instead of the electrical ones

  • Cost: You won’t have to spend the extra amount that you were about to spend on the electrical one. The other two types of hoists don’t require electricity to perform the lifting also. Therefore, you will be able to save more money as the electricity bill will be lesser. You can spend the saved money on other improvements in your factory.  
  • Easy to use: The electrical hoists require good control to perform according to requirements. If your workers are not that much tech-savvy, they won’t be able to handle the machine. On the other hand, the lever hoists or manual hoists are very simple to use and effective too.  
  • Maintenance: Like other electrical devices, an electrical hoist also includes maintenance charges when it gets damaged. That could be additional expenses for you over your budget. If you’re new in the business, you might not love to spend extra money unnecessarily.

So there are two options left on the list: the manual chain hoists and the lever chain hoists. Before choosing the right one among these two, go through this guideline from the leading lever block manufacturers. 

From the below-mentioned points, you will definitely get a clear idea about the two options. 

  1. Weight-lifting capacity: Manual chain hoists and lever chain hoists have differences when it comes to the weight-lifting capacity. With a lever chain hoist, you can lift up more loads and weights than the manual devices. Numeral statistics also prove the same. A manual chain hoist can lift up to 50,000 kg weight while a lever chain hoist can lift 1,00,000 kg. Clearly, a lever chain hoist is more beneficial if you want to lift more loads within a short span of time.  
  1. Injury factor: In the case of a manual chain hoist, the workers have to lift the load directly. In simple words, the manual chain hoists need a direct association of the workers. Therefore, the chances of injuries and accidents get higher. On the contrary, the lever chain hoists include a lever. As you know, every lever can reduce human-efforts up to some extent. Lever chain hoists contain a much lesser risk of injuries. Also, the lever chain hoists make the lifting task more comfortable and easy.  
  1. Structure and maintenance: The structural features of these two types of chain hoists are nearly the same. Both manual chain hoists and lever chain hoists are simple and compact in structure. These types of hoists are also pretty user-friendly. The maintenance charges for both the levers are lower than the electrical chain hoists. 

Now, you have to determine your requirements first hand. Based on the size and workload of your own factory, you have to choose a category of the hoist. A fast-growing business usually has more workload. If your business is growing fast and you’re unable to handle the workload with manual hoists, go for a lever chain hoist. Also, the lever chain hoists might not sometimes work due to some uncertain failures. The lever might get damaged temporarily. Then you might have to replace the lever to make that work again. Considering all the factors and considering your own requirements, you need to pick an option among the two. 

Getting the right type of hoist in your factory can help you meet the deadlines easily. Also, you can lessen the load of your workers and help your business to grow easily. 

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