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Installing Electric Chain Hoist with Motorized Trolley

Please refer below five items for installing electric chain hoist with motorized trolley. Before installation of the chain hoist pay attention regarding voltage. If the voltage is not proper, serious damage will occur to the working hoist. To prevent such an incident from happening to make sure that the wiring meets the requirements of a […]
Electric Chain Hoist

Top 4 Electric Chain Hoist Characteristics

Electric Chain hoists – EURO Series with a built-in electric trolley is one of the light-duty lifting equipment, which consists of two components: one electric chain hoist and one electric trolley. The hoist that can be fixed on single beam bridge cranes and suspended single I-Beam tracks, is widely used for the lifting purpose that […]
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12 Good reasons to choose an Electric Chain Hoist

Electric Chain hoists are the machines utilized for regular, heavy lifting operations, in situations where manual hoists fail to become apt for the size of the load. Electric Chain hoists typically lift weight up to 30 tonnes. For load heavier than this, Double Girder Crane is used that certainly lifts weight up to 200 tonnes. […]

How to install an Electric Chain Hoist?

Things to make sure before installation of Electric Chain Hoists: The electric chain hoists and trollies are packaged respectively. Firstly check if the quantity of the hoist accords with the number of units in invoice and if there are any damages occurred from the transportation of abnormal packing. Also, Check the nameplate and see if the rated capacity, […]