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SG or DG

Single Girder Crane Vs Double Girder Crane

Possibly there is none in society who hasn’t seen a crane in their lifetime. Cranes are mostly useful for lifting and lowering purposes. You must have seen cranes to be used in construction sites or in factories. Also, there are some other places like warehouses where the cranes are essential. The main function of a […]
eot cranes

What is an Overhead EOT Crane?

Electrical Overhead Travelling (EOT) cranes are commonly used for factory or industrial applications such as paper mills, steelyards, aeronautics and automotive repair shops etc. They are the most commonly used type of overhead cranes and extremely useful as well. These cranes have parallel runways, where the gap is maintained by a travelling bridge on which […]
Overhead Crane EOT (7)

How to use an Overhead EOT Crane?

Overhead cranes are robust machines that are used to lift and move heavy weight loads. Using an Overhead EOT, Crane needs expertise as it can cause serious unhappenings and may also cause a casualty. Although following the given instructions and safety tips, one can avoid these dangers, but before that, we should know the types […]