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Manual or Electric Winch

Common FAQ’s about Electric & Manual Winches

Nowadays, we can find a range of applications of electric & manual winches in different industrial sectors. Undoubtedly, both these models of winches have pros and cons. While buying winches, you may have lots of questions about their uses and functionalities. For your convenience, we have discussed the most commonly asked questions about winches.   […]

Electric Winch versus Hoist- Which is the best one for you?

Nowadays, most of the industries are highly reliant on electrical lifting systems to accomplish their load-lifting tasks. The two most commonly used systems are electric hoists and electric winch. For user-friendliness, minimal maintenance needs, and other advantages, they are highly preferable machinery. However, most of the potential users have confusions on how hoists are different […]
Electric Overhead Travel Crane

Electric Winch for Wind Turbines Application

The hoist/winch in this application is initially used for the installation of the turbine generators. Afterwards, it is used for maintenance occasionally by maintenance crews for lifting tools and equipment on to the platform or into the upper pod. LOADMATE Make’ Wind turbine hoists (Electric Chain Hoists) are designed to meet the specialist requirements of this […]

What Effects High Altitudes Causes on Hoist Motor Operation

High altitudes cause breathing issues in people. The shortness of breath arises above 3,000′ sea level in people. High altitudes not only affect people but also hoists. As we are aware of hoist pulls or lower down the load through rope employing motor. The hoisting equipment gets impacted by the thin air at high altitude. […]