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why to choose hand winches

Why should you choose Hand Winches over Electric Winches?

Once in a while, we require the help of winches to work on some necessary job. We might also need to replace our old winch and buy ourself a new one. When making such a purchase, we need to factor in many considerations, such as what kind of winch would suit our purpose and benefit us. Let us have a brief look into the differences between electric and hand winches before we explain to you which one is more of your benefit.

What does a Winch do?

For the uninitiated, Winch systems are used to wind a cable inwards or outwards, resulting in a tension that can be used to pull an object. The drum of the winch can be operated annually or with the help of electricity or hydraulics. The winch drums are mostly made of fabricated steel and have a specific load capacity.

A manual winch simply consists of a wire rope that is wound around a fabricated or seamless drum. Industrial winches are more complex and can be used in towing automobiles and boats and even move heavy pieces of machinery.

Bit more about winches

Since electric winches came into being, it has stirred a debate over which one is superior. Some industries have vouched for electric ones and a few beg to differ. Now we believe that the superiority of the two types of winches are subjective and depends upon the purpose they would be serving. Some industrial operations benefit more from electric winches while some find it more productive to work with manual ones.

Yet, there are many instances which prove that the hand winch beats its electric counterpart and that too by quite some margin. Here we shall try to look into such reasons which make hand winches more profitable than electric ones and why you must choose the former to get your job done more easily.

The pros of hand winches

  1. No electricity requirement: Let us start with the obvious one. Hand winches do not require the added assistance of electricity which is a huge benefit for industries who face challenges in providing a 24×7 supply of electricity. The constant power supply also brings in the additional charges. This kind of issue gets nullified in case of hand winches. They do not need a constant power supply, and hence in case of power cuts, the operation is not hindered and carried on with the help of hand winches.
  1. Portability: Hand winches have the advantage of portability which electric winches are devoid of. In many industrial and domestic applications, we face a situation where we need to move the winch from one place to another to facilitate operations. In such cases, the hand winch reigns supreme over the electric counterpart as it is portable and easy to locate.
  1. Cost-effective: Cost is always a significant subject irrespective of the size of the industry. Electric winches are heavier on our pockets than manual ones. Many industries that have a restrained budget choose hand winches over electrical ones due to this reason. And as described earlier electric winches consume power continuously which make them even more costly for execution. Leading hand winch manufacturers like us provide multi-faceted hand winches that are equally productive yet more cost-efficient.
  1. Easier repair and maintenance: Every piece of machinery or equipment comes with an added baggage of maintenance and repair. These aspects are very crucial in the overall operability and quality of performance of the equipment. The same applies to winches as well. Manual winches are very easy on maintenance as compared to electric ones. According to leading manufacturers, they are easily repairable as well. This is mainly because of the absence of electric parts on hand winches. Electric winches are associated with more parts which increase the chances of breakage, which in turn requires repairs. Maintenance work is also required more for a piece of electrical equipment as compared to a piece of hand equipment. Hence the added advantage of the ease of repair and maintenance is another vital aspect which tilts the pointer towards hand winches more than electric ones.

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