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wire rope hoist

What do you want from your wire rope hoist?

The Electric wire rope hoist is one of the most widely sold LOADMATE products. Anywhere where people want to lift weights up to 20 tons, you can often find a LOADMATE wire rope hoist doing the job. The reliability and versatility of the hoist have made LOADMATE the most trustworthy supplier of wire rope hoists in India.

Versatility means custom-tailored solutions for your every lifting need. Available in monorail or double girder models, Electric wire rope hoist adapts for the requirements of your runway and your building.

Do you need a swivel trolley for greater ease of movement i.e. Choose a flexible trolley model trolley when you have the turning radius, or a normal hoist trolley when you don’t.? What about a fixed hoist, when movement is more restricted to only vertical movement? The wire ropes hoists are strong, highly flexible, and optimized to your match your specific requirements. Tell us your needs, and we will give you a hoist to match them. LOADMATE also makes wire rope hoists for hazardous environments.

Ideally, you should buy a full EOT Crane, to ensure the quality of all of your lifting equipment. But if your budget is tight, you may wish to modernize your existing crane with the Electrical Wire Rope Hoist. Even if you only buy the hoist, we still service your whole crane, not just the LOADMATE part. Yes, you read it right !!

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