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electric wire rope hoist with girder

How to use an Electric Wire Rope Hoist?

Electric Wire Rope hoist is composed of electric motors, Gearboxes, Rope drum with rope guides, electric panel and large wire rope connected to a hook. Electric Wire Rope Hoists are used to carry large objects weighing between 500 Kgs and 20 tons in various conditions like severe heat while welding, over the burners and furnaces or in an acidic atmosphere. Before purchasing and using a wire rope hoist, you must get the requirement clear and place an order accordingly. Often you will need to be instructed and trained in the use of the wire rope hoist by a hoist provider or by someone knowledgeable about hoist operations.


  1. Voltage Check: Check to make sure the voltage of the electric wire rope hoist and the motor correspond with the voltage of the power supply you plan to use. Connect the hoist to the power supply only if the voltage will support it. Voltage is proportional to the speed of the hoist. Even in case of a minor difference, the speed obtained will be different than mentioned in the manual.
  2. Check the lubrication: Make sure the gearboxes are filled up to the mark by recommended oil in the hoist and the end carriages of the EOT Crane.
  3. Test buttons: Test your control switches before your electric hoist is carrying a load. Test your emergency stop button by pressing it, and making sure the wire rope hoist ceases movement. You can release the emergency stop button by turning it to the left as shown over the switch.
  4. Tangling of wire rope: Lower the rope all the way to make sure your rope is not tangled by lowering or lifting it. If the rope is tangled, make sure to untangle it.
  5. Test the limit Switches: This is a very important check that needs to be done. Test the hoist limit switch, pressing the up button all the way. The limit switch should disconnect when the hook reaches the top of the hoist. Repeat the test by pressing the down button.
  6. Check Cross Travel Motion: Press the second set of arrows on your control switch to move the crane to the right or to the left. Check the cross travel limit switches working by taking the hoist to the extreme of the monorail or the Crane Bridge.
  7. Check the Crane Motion: Press the third set of arrows on your control switch to move the crane horizontally. Check the cross travel limit switches working by taking the crane to the extreme of the gantry rails.
  8. Trial run with the load: Press the down arrow in the first set of arrows on your control switch to lower the crane. When your hook has been attached to your load, you can press the up arrow to lift the load. Use the second and third sets of arrows to direct the load to its destination.
  9. Do not try other’s luck: Do not operate the electric wire rope hoist if people are under it. Stop the hoist and wait until the coast is clear.